Markets and profile of coach sought by Greens

Panathinaikos people have already started to harvest the market by studying the cases of coaches in the more “big” leagues and they mainly deal with the Spanish, Portuguese and German market.

The entire organization of Panathinaikos is focused on Saturday (25/5) in the Betsson Greek Cup Final against Aris in “Panthessalikos” in the most important matches for the “Greens” in recent years. Because apart from the second ranking cup of Greek football, this particular sport has now grown into a European final for “Clover” (and for the Thessalonikians).

And (by winning the cup) at least part of this season will be saved – after losing in the league – creating a chance for the next tournament, the second best Greek “ticket” and the lead in the Europa League qualifiers, or it will end in a very shocking way, a disastrous season for Panathinaikos, which will make him many Roll back the years. After what has happened in the last month and a half, things are now very condensed, but very clear for the “Greens”.

At the same time, the search for the team’s next coach has already begun at Panathinaikos. Far from the action and work of the football department, in “Clover” they began preparatory work for the next day to weigh all the data and “close” the new coach of the team in advance.

In the summer it will be “harder” anyway and have a lot of changes (hopefully no… sweeping and logical “rave-xylon” once again) and if the “greens” are safe, it will definitely take some time to settle the open ends. Get your European ticket from July 25 and start their matches starting with the second qualifying round of the Europa League.

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The role Papadimitrio should have

“Greens” has already begun to collect the market by studying the cases of coaches in more “big” leagues, and if the team’s technical director Yiannis Papadimitriou plays an important role, it will certainly be useful for the club many times over. “Precise” in finding coaches in a specific search process from the start (his picks were Razvan Lucescu at Santi and Matias Almeida at AEK).

After all, it will be a logical (and proper football) order and process, and not a direct selection on the part of Yanis Alafoussou, after consultations … of friends and acquaintances, which took place last December, as a result of which he “washed” the team recruitment period.

A trainer of known value and specific weight

In Panathinaikos it seems that they don’t want to re-enter the practice of “bet” or selections that have no “connection” with football logic and modern football, hoping that sufferings have now become… lessons. Data that already exists in the group.

The current goal at “Clover” is to hire a coach with known value, certain weight and resume, but not “advanced” age like Bologna or Terim. But a more modern logic and philosophy will fit the ethos and profile of the club.

Mainly in Spain, but also in Portugal and Germany

The “Greens” deal in the first phase is mainly Spanish, but also Portuguese and German, while the first contacts (such as interviews) have already been made with prospective targets through telecommunications, according to the information, to draw up the final list.

In Panathinaikos, they want to close the matter of the new coach – after all, it is very important in the whole planning for next year and the final selection must be 101% accurate – in the first week at the latest June, in order to quickly run the planning.

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Of course, from Saturday night (25/5) we hope that they will get the European “ticket” through the cup, which really plays an important role for the “candidates”. What’s more, since “greens” like to knock on the doors of “strong” names…

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