Held every year in OAKA with fans

His proposal was his final one Cup Greece In Football have to do each one Time In Ok with Fans And Regardless of groups The Prime Minister who was present said Kiriakos Mitsotakis In his interview Open and in the “Hour of Greece” program in the morning WednesdayHe insisted that if he could legislate without interfering with the autonomy of the EPO, he would do so.

‚ÄúThis issue is about her EPO. I submit a general proposal, and if I have the means to legislate it without interfering with football self-government I will do so. The final of the cup should be held every year Ok “With the fans like they do at Wembley in England and the Olympic Stadium in Berlin in Germany,” he stressed Prime Minister And added:

“That’s my recommendation for the next one final I hope it will be accepted by her EPO Now this is the norm. No matter which team plays, there should be no dispute as to where the final will take place.

On the changes being made at OAKA, the Prime Minister noted that major interventions are being made and champions like Karalis and Tedoklo are satisfied with the training. “We are also intervening in OAKA’s main stadium, which should not be dysfunctional”, he added, adding that if his proposal to host the finals every year at the Olympic Stadium is accepted, we will know it. Football will be held permanently there. We will guarantee security, he asserted.

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