Motorway E65: the start of sections from Lamia to Kalambaka – what changes in everyday life

The new sections of Lamia – Sainiada (18.5 km) and Trikala – Kalambaka (25 km) will be opened for traffic in the presence of the Prime Minister. Kyriakou MitsotakisBut Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Staikouras.

Thus, with the delivery of two new units of E65, a total of 136 km from tonight. A modern, safe highway, from the Karbenici junction outside Lamia to the rugged Kalambaka junction, significantly reduces travel time from the capital to Meteora.

Important places such as Meteora, Plastira Lake, Karpenissi, Trikala are now quickly, easily and safely accessible, while a new development will transform the heart of the country.

The highway of Central Greece is a project built by Terna SA. It has a total length of 182.1 km and is one of the most important national projects, with a total budget of around 1.3 billion euros.

According to the reported data, there is the necessary capacity of a modern two-lane highway and an emergency lane in each direction to effectively connect eastern and western Greece.

As per Central Road information, it is recalled that the last 46 km stretch of the highway starting from uneven Kalambaka Junction and reaching Egnatia Odos west of Graveni is under construction.

Distances are short

With its completion, the E65 motorway will reform road transport to Western Thessaly and Western Macedonia, increasing trade, tourism and agricultural production.

The E65 will connect the port of Ikomenitsa – which serves as Greece's gateway to Central Europe – with the port of Volos, facilitating international passenger and freight traffic from Greece to Western and Central Europe and providing an alternative route, which is shorter than the existing one. .

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At the same time, the total journey from the port of Piraeus to the Western Balkans will be reduced by approximately 2 hours. In addition, the highway will contribute more to the national strategic plan for the demobilization of Western Macedonia and its transition to sustainable development.

For example, the journey from Lamia to Egnatia Odos along the E65 takes just 1 hour 45 minutes, while the distance between Athens-Gravena and Athens-Metsovo is reduced to just 4 hours and the journey to Kastoria is noteworthy. And Kosani it will be a 4.5 hour affair.

Duration of distances after completion of E65

Lamia – Egnatia Road

01:45 (from 03:15 today)

Athens – Grevena


Athens – Metsovo


Athens – Kastoria


Athens – Kosani


Athens – Carbenici


Athens – Trikala


Athens – Karditsa


Technical characteristics of the E65 motorway

  • 182.1 km
  • 14 random knots & 2 half knots
  • 4 twin tunnels and 1 single branch tunnel
    • Tunnel T2 3 km long (Othrios Range, Moschokaria)
    • T3A 113 m long tunnel (Lake Smokovo, Luthra Gaitsa)
    • Tunnel T3 387m long (Lake Smokovo, Luthra Gaitsa)
    • Single branch tunnel 65 m long (Kastraki Kalambakas)
    • 400m long tunnel 175+660 (Livadia – Emilianos)
  • 48 bridges, 35 of which are over 50 meters in length
  • 33 upper passes & 76 lower passes
  • 291 box-shaped inscriptions and animal passages
  • 5 Bidirectional Parking & Rest Areas (HSA)
  • 4 front toll booths (MSD) and 5 side toll booths (PSD)
  • 4 Bilateral Vehicle Service Stations (SEA)
  • 4 Control and Maintenance Centers (KES)
  • 2 Traffic Management Centers & 4 Subway Service Centers
  • 2 Traffic Police Buildings and 1 Fire Department Building
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Control systems in twin tunnels

It is noted that the following control and management systems are installed in each tunnel:

1. Fire Extinguishing System: Both branches are equipped with fire extinguishing network supplied by a tank located at the exit of the tunnel. 36 per meter. There are fire extinguishers and a pipe connected to the network above.

2. Exhaust ventilation system: Sensors are placed in the tunnel in both branches to detect air quality and presence of smoke. In each of these cases, ceiling fans are activated accordingly to remove dirt and/or smoke.

3. Camera system equipped with automatic event detection system: Cameras are installed in the tunnel, which monitor traffic and are equipped with appropriate software to detect any abnormal event and automatically activate response scenes.

4. Automatic adjustable lighting system for day and night operation.

5. RDS System: Uninterrupted broadcasting of radio stations is ensured along the entire length of the tunnel so that there is an opportunity to send messages to the users in case of danger.

6. Loudspeaker notification system to notify/warn users

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