“When my wife died, my mother-in-law told me I had to rebuild my life”

Guest on the show”Faye's Time » detected Pyrrhus Demas On Tuesday 23/4.

In a discussion after all things with Faye SkortasThe Olympic weightlifter talked about the arrival of her fifth child, but also about her relationship with him Aphrodite Scaphida.

“If you want to see our daughter, very good people, eat and sleep. It's like being the first child, and he's as happy as the first child. It's so beautiful, I've been feeling it for a long time. It has been 15 years since my last child, my son Nicholas, was born. She is worthy of Aphrodite,” Pyros Dimas said at the beginning.

She continued: “I didn't want to see my man suffer and suffer and that's why I didn't go into labour. What women do is so great that I don't even want to think about it. I came out after being inside for a while. I might have fainted.”

About his acquaintance with Aphrodite Skafida, Pyros Dimas revealed: “I love children very much, Anastasia loved children very much. When I met Aphrodite I wanted to be clear so as not to hurt her. I told her that I was not thinking about marriage and children, but that would be very unfair to Aphrodite. We are very close. We came, but eventually things changed.”

“After a while, when we lost my wife Anastasia, my mother-in-law grabbed me and told me to fix my life. I personally am not ready. We have a good bond and they are the ones who take care of my family when I am away for production. “I had peace of mind as long as I was away,” Piros Dimas concluded.

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