ND MEPs have a basic mission

To maintain their readiness and reflection throughout their five-year term. As a smear campaign unfolds next to them, confronting not only the Prime Minister, but also Greece in the first place. This happened several times, culminating in a resolution promoted by Syriza MEPs that Greece was a copycat state of Hungary and Mitsotakis Orban. To be precise, Ms. A. Asimakopoulou and E. Only Vosberg reacted strongly. Unfortunately for him, Assimakopoulou will not be a candidate again. Vosberg is running for a seat in the European Parliament again, and he's a fighter.

New Democracy's MEP has Responsibilities! Not just an ID card to announce a complete arena presence. Therefore, the main task of ND MEPs is not to represent the uninformed.

I cannot decide which MEPs New Democracy's voters will choose, nor do I wish to comment on the conditions. The Prime Minister drew the ballot papers involving various dignitaries. We are now called upon, and think ourselves worthy, to elect them, to represent us, if we will. We are free people, each with their own personal opinions, and make decisions as we see fit. This is how democracy works. Ultimately, everyone's vote has equal value.

I can't say, this time we stayed true to the cherished habit. Muttering, muttering, and commenting on the chief's choices with the mridanga that usually accompanies us is… unsatisfying. Unless there are candidates… we! Man too.

On June 9, a new committee will be formed across the preferences of New Democratic Party voters. Regardless of the category of MEPs, media coverage or not, they will travel to Brussels with the President's new instructions. K. Mitsotakis has the first and last word. The responsibility for the team's performance rests with him and, of course, with his colleagues, who he entrusts with overseeing the political work being done in Europe's capital.

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The team leader should not allow a group of ND MEPs to present a picture from Thel Village in the next five years. And, once again, an attack against Greece's interests by proud Syriza members must be dealt with collectively, not by a few within the group. An ideological refresh may be necessary for the values ​​and ideas that the New Democratic Party breathes.

Anyone who decides to enter the political arena knows in advance that this task is not an easy one. In addition to expressing oneself in public, it requires a personality that is “trained” and familiar with intense conflict.

After all, decades have passed since the current president's father realized that party executives have a soul of gold.

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