No deal with Ukraine – 'We will never question the operational capability of our armed forces'

The EU summit concluded in Brussels and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis held a regular press conference for journalists.

When asked to assess the European Council summit, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said:

“Our support for Ukraine continues and a full-scale discussion has been launched to strengthen Europe's strategic autonomy. Strengthening our strategic autonomy by investing in European defense is vital, and this is a new addition to the discussion we are having, as for the first time we are touching on the question of financing common European efforts.”

He continued: “The possibility of looking at alternative ways of funding a joint venture has been put on the table. Greece is supporting this by issuing Eurobonds to support the European defense industry. Second, we have developed a framework of conclusions about what is happening in Gaza after 5 months. You are calling for a humanitarian pause that would lead to a ceasefire but would require the release of the hostages. We must avoid an even wider humanitarian crisis, he said. His message is that public safety is the central priority. He was also in favor of the creation of two states”.

As far as the primary sector is concerned, we recognize the need to reduce bureaucracy and increase farmers' income, but no one is denying the green transition.

Regarding joint borrowing (Eurobonds) and agreements with Ukraine, he answered:

“No deal!” “We have made it clear that it is not possible for me to go to Ukraine and sign the contract secretly, these are not serious matters. Greece supports Ukraine's ability to defend itself without questioning the operational capability of our armed forces under any circumstances..

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On Eurobonds, when we agreed to the rescue fund in 2020, he said we were the first to send a letter of common European borrowing. I found it interesting that some countries that would normally hold back are showing an early interest in exploring such options.”

Asked about minimum wages and precision, the prime minister said: “Be patient, you will hear the proposals in the cabinet on Wednesday.”

For tempi He asserted: “Acknowledging the existence of a political conflict is not a good development. Such a great national tragedy should not be politicized and discriminated against. We have never followed this path. What do those who talk about cover-ups mean? Justice is doing its work quickly and the trial of the case is moving fast.

There should be no political speculation in the Tempe issue. Justice brings responsibility. No one is guilty or innocent. From the first moment we bowed chiefly to the memory of the dead, and to the just pain of the relatives. Let the truth be brought to light, we said, justice will bring the solution. Our mission is to ensure that this does not happen again with modern and safe trains, and announcements on this will be made in the coming weeks.

On recent polls and the NT's decline, which shows it has lost its momentum, the government said:

“Our government is moving fast with a bold plan and major reforms, and I understand why these changes are causing conflict and controversy, as well as temporary wear and tear. I have never been a staunch devotee,” he asserted. Never demanding, the ballot box is empty, we convince people why elections matter, we care about strong turnout at the ballot box. Citizens vote for everyday life and Europe.

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Just wait for the European ballot, there are 14 more names and they will be announced in early April.

He characterized the visit to Canada as important for two reasons: strong ties with Canada and the dynamic Greek community. I chose to be there on March 25th as an opportunity to remind my fellow citizens in Canada that for the first time ever they have the opportunity to vote by mail and register on the platform.

As you have seen, the European ballot has significant representation of immigrants.

Regarding Turkey, the Prime Minister said: The issue of Turkey has not been fully discussed. Discussions were held in the margins and agreed to be held in April to allow more time to reach a text that everyone, including direct partners Cyprus and Greece, would agree to.

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