F16 Crash Timeline: Aircraft Still Signaling – Air Force Submarine Action Soon

The cause of the F-16 Block 52+ crash is being investigated by an Air Force committee that will “run” the procedures to make a decision. As of Thursday night, the plane was still signaling, and the Air Force will try to submerge parts of it until it is at a depth of less than 1,000 feet, trying to find areas that could provide information about the cause of the crash. meter. The findings of accidents or mishaps in the Air Force are confidential and when the committee completes the investigation, they are disclosed in closed meetings in the committee as they become subjects of aviation safety, where the Greek Air Force ranks very high with very low indicators.

This is the first important thing. Four planes, four pilots, all safe. Along with them, the aircraft's so-called “recorder”, a “cassette” – not a black box – was used to inform pilots and engineers.

In other words, where the flight attendants read the details of the flight, how the exercise or activity took place, and what was recorded. So from the reports of the pilots of the formation, the report of the 29-year-old lieutenant commander, what the remaining three tapes recorded, particularly safe conclusions can be drawn.

If we go back 17 years, two years after receiving the F-16 Block 52, we see an aircraft crash with many common characteristics.
The aircraft was later raised from a depth of 960 meters south of Kavdos so that its engine could be inspected by the manufacturer.

What would have happened to a machine?
– Catastrophic hardware failure. That is, if some part of the machine breaks down unexpectedly, this cannot be predicted.
– Shutting down the engine, where the pilot, depending on altitude and in accordance with aviation safety protocol, tries to restart it at least twice. 3rd time you give up…

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Experts “see”…

-Features similar to the F-16 that was shot down in 2007.

Catastrophic failure of machine hardware

– Engine shutdown.

All these incidents are multifaceted and all are explored, even the person, more on stage.

Pilot and timeline of events

A 29-year-old fighter pilot returns home F16 South of Halkidiki, around midday on Wednesday, a 24-hour curfew was imposed for precautionary reasons. 251 GNA. With a lot of composure and proper training as an F-16 pilot, he abandoned the plane and saved his life by using the automatic ejection system.

His Black 52+ car Air Force Abandoned at 1:33 p.m. A search and rescue operation began immediately as his colleagues participating in the same training program actually witnessed the F-16 crash. The aircraft took off from Larissa along with three other fighter jets.

Just 3 minutes and 20 grams. That is, the 29-year-old pilot of 337 Squadron was lifting 20 times his body weight when abandoning the aircraft. The ejection seat ejected the pilot 150 feet from the out-of-control F-16.

“20 grams of instant and the brain already has oxygen problems, there are cases where the other person faints and gives up, but this can also happen from the impact of the wind. Even if it is controlled, he does not understand because the process is so fast, you decide and say now, I can't continue, I have to give up, so what you learned Do it one by one.” Ioannis VamvakosVice Captain, Retired Air Force.

The pilots of the four aircraft had completed a series of exercises in the northeast Aegean region. On the return flight, more than 10,000 people were approaching Larissa. About 50 nautical miles from the 110th Fighter Wing, everyone watched as an F-16 Block 52 Plus, piloted by a 29-year-old lieutenant colonel, took off.
According to reports, the 29-year-old tried to recover the F-16 after which he took the necessary decision, even as his colleagues urged him to abandon the fighter.

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In the waters south of Halkidiki, seven Coast Guard vessels, one floating merchant vessel, three aerial vehicles and one warship were rushed.

Air Force sources insist that the lieutenant colonel acted as an example in an emergency situation and alerted everyone on his cell phone to let everyone know that he was fine. They recall that last year the Air Force mourned 5 of its airmen.

Ejection seat maintenance requires high precision as it plays a vital role in the rescue and survival of the pilot if his options are exhausted.

The Constantinos IdritisSpeaking to ERTNews and the “Connections” program, the wing commander and safety analyst said, “All aircraft, regardless of age, are properly maintained and then given to fly.”

The pilot adjusted the seat to the correct position to ensure a safe evacuation and activated the evacuation procedure after being in a vacuum, the parachute was activated and he fell into the sea awaiting rescue.

And the Constantinos IdritisHe added: “It will take some time until it leaves Lemnos, until it is located and then collected, the operator also used the boat and when he left the operator got in because he had a rescue box”.

The Ioannis VamvakosThe retired airman said: “The pilot activated the handle on his seat, the F-16's seat AST-2 of his class, 30 degrees pitch very straight in 1.2 seconds, the canopy goes first, then the seat comes out. I saw it hang and go straight down.”

Rescuers managed to get the lieutenant aboard a Super Puma that had left Lemnos and flown him to the 251st General Aviation Hospital in Athens. The GEA chief is being kept informed about his progress. The pilot's father said: “They picked him up and now he is 251. I feel happy that my child is fine.”

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“We are very expressive We wish him a speedy return to his dutiesFor a fighter pilot F – 16 The Air Force that fell today in the Aegean Sea” the Minister of National Defense mentioned in his post. Nicos Dentias.

And he concludes: “Congratulations to those who participated in the successful and speedy rescue operation.”

In the waters south of Halkidiki, seven Coast Guard vessels, a floating merchant vessel, three aerial vehicles and a warship were rushed.

The Evangelos ApostolakisA member of state parliament and head of his national security department SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance He commented: “The good thing is that the pilot has been rescued and is safe 15.15.33 to tell them to continue their work and their efforts to keep the air force and armed forces at the highest level”.

An investigation into the cause of the crash of the F-16 Block 52 Plus fighter jet is underway.

Reporting by: Giorgos Sideris, Kostas Stamo, Eleni Bouka, Regina Sourto

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