Texas: Giraffe grabs baby from stroller in family car

A terrifying video has captured the sight of a giraffe pulling a toddler from the pram of his family’s car.

The incident took place at a safari park in Texas, where the girl’s family experienced a few seconds of fear before the animal pulled the child out of its mouth. At a drive-in safari park in Texas, a giraffe is seen approaching a family’s open-top car. The animal bends down with its high neck and, as if in slow motion, grabs the baby in its mouth and lifts it into the air. Luckily, the baby fell back into the car and into its mother’s arms before the giraffe could fully lift its neck.

The incident took place at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas, where visitors drive their cars along a trail with animals like cheetahs, emus, and zebras right next to them.

“We stopped to feed the giraffes and I looked out the back window,” Jason Totten told CBS. “Then I saw the giraffe lean towards us and then it grabbed the baby.”

The giraffe grabbed her 2-year-old daughter Paisley by her clothes from the back of the car. The giraffe lifted her a few meters into the air and her mother, who was sitting next to her, started screaming.

The incident was recorded by the people who followed the family on their cell phones.

Totten said it appeared to be an accident and the family did not violate the rules by keeping car doors closed, feeding the animals with bowls – not by hand – and keeping a distance of about 20 meters from gates. “Paisley was holding the bag and the giraffe went to get the bag, not the baby, but bit her clothes and took her,” she said, adding: “My heart stopped, my stomach was mixed… I’m really scared,” she said.

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The incident hasn’t deterred the family, though — Totten said they’ll be visiting the park again. Paisley picks up a stuffed giraffe from the gift shop after her incredible ride.

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