Panathinaikos: Contis psychology – Football – Stoiximan wants to raise the Super League

Christos Kontis’ first concern is to boost the sagging morale of the Panathinaikos players. Shamrock’s new technician had his first training session as the team’s new head coach yesterday afternoon and now he’s set to work with two tough but important games ahead of him. ..

As reported by Tassos Nikologiannis on bwinSPORT FM 94.6 last night, this team reports Christos Kontis is invited and he likes it… It builds the morale of the players. As the Greens’ reporter pointed out, Trefoil’s new technician knows the regular players and most of the team’s footballers know him, which actually shifts the weight of his work to the psychology department.

Tasos Nikologiannis estimated that there will be discussions between Conte and the players, while he stressed that the players will understand that they have to give everything to give the team a good image.

“Contis wants to continue his career as a head coach, and I believe he should continue as head coach at Panathinaikos. It makes sense, he has ambitions. Maybe he’s signed or said he’ll go and see until the end of the season, but his mind is to continue as first coach.”He added: “It’s too early for this conversation. I know Panathinaikos have in mind to get a foreign coach who is a good coach. It’s an important choice.”he added.

Finally, he estimated that there would be no sidelined players to take a starting position in the 11, but indicated that he thought it was very possible that they would get playing time.

In tournaments, Fotis Ioannidis looks to be in time for the finals.

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