West Brom 3-1: ‘Saints’ claim ticket to Premier League in clash of millions against Leeds

Southampton scored three goals in the second 45 minutes, led by Armstrong, who scored twice, to beat West Brom 3-1 and become the second finalist to lead the Premier League in millions at Wembley on May 26.

Southampton became only the second team after Leeds to book a place at Wembley and promotion to the final. Premier League Friday night’s 3-1 win over West Brom will take place on May 26.

The first leg ended in a goalless draw, as did the first 45 minutes of the second leg, with no phase.

However, at the start of the second half, the “Saints” stepped up their game and initially managed to take the lead through Smallphone in the 49th minute. The home midfielder stole the ball and passed it to Brooks, who shot back to Smallphone to open the scoring.

In the 78th minute, Southampton scored their first goal to make it 2–0 through Armstrong. The experienced centre-forward took the ball down the left, took a cross and beat Palmer. The hosts won a penalty in the 86th minute and Armstrong took charge again, making it 3-0 to the Saints.

West Brom managed to tie the game in stoppage time with Gibre’s header from a corner from the right.

Southampton: McCarthy, Walker-Peters, Harvard-Pellis, Bednarek, Stephens, Smallbone (90′ Rothwell), Dows, Aribo (90′ Charles), Brooks (74′ Edosi), Armstrong, Fraser (66′ Manning).

West Bram: Palmer, Bartley, Furlong, Townsend (73′ Rich), Gibre, Wallace (64′ Brandon Thomas), Fellows, Jokuzlu (64′ Mbila), Mowat, Tiangana (64′ Swift), Johnston.

The first matches of the semi-finals

  • Leeds – Norwich 0-0
  • Southampton – West Brom 0-0
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The second legs of the semi-finals

  • Leeds – Norwich 4-0
  • Southampton – West Brom 3-0


  • Sunday, May 26Leeds – Southampton

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