Panathinaikos – Maccabi 81-72: Green Volcano rises and returns to the Final Four

In OAKA, which was “boiling” with passion and patience, Panathinaikos AKTOR did his duty and beat Maccabi 81-72 in the 5th game of the series and earned a ticket to the Final Four in Berlin.

Wait, that’s it! Panathinaikos reach the final four after 12 years! Yes, that’s true!

The “Greens” produced a terrible performance in the last period and “swallowed” Maccabi Tel Aviv thanks to their defense, which gave them the coveted ticket to Berlin!

Match: Panathinaikos – Maccabi

The Maccabi Tried to be aggressive in his defense early in the match DeBartolomeo He must be chased everywhere Slukaas well as with continuous help in its marking I am If nothing else, Panathinayakas Unlike Maccabi, who had 6 assists for “zero” errors, thanks to the excellent start of Brown (2pt., 5as.), 8-15 in 6 ‘, faced offensive problems when starting the match with 3/10. Basically they had “awakened” memories Game 3 Series and continuous pIke n roll τu brown By Nimbo.

Although the “Greens” re-entered the court, the “Hypnotists” managed to finish the quarter with a gap of two points (19-21), although they could have been at +1. bell ringer His three pointers Sluka He found a target. His team in the first quarter Ataman 2 fouls accounted for 4/9 two-pointers, 3/8 three-pointers, 2/4 shots, 5-5 rebounds and 4 assists. Maccabi He made 6/13 two-pointers, 2/5 three-pointers, 3/4 shots, 4-5 rebounds and 9 assists for just one foul.

Oh, though I am Leading 22-21 early in the 2nd period, the game seemed to go point-to-point, and the visitors found themselves back at +4 (24-28) 12′. From then on the game became blood and sand. “One for you and one for me.” The Panathinayakas With a personal score of 8-2, he managed to take a 32-30 lead at 15′, but he could not keep the momentum in the game. The Maccabi He was taking things from all players who “stepped” on the floor, as a result of which he found himself again at +5 (34-39) two minutes before the end of the half.

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A 5-0 streak o Panathinayakas Bringing the match back to balance (39-39 at 19′), in a real match… a derby play her Euroleague. The first half of the game ended in a tie at 41 points as the visitors did more damage with the “drawing board”. The Maccabi (Nimbo 10p.-5/7dp., Brown 4p.-6ast.) Finished the first half with 13/25 two-pointers, 4/9 three-pointers, 3/4 shots, 9-8 rebounds and 5-for-13 assists. When errors Panathinayakas (Slokas 12 points-4 rebounds-2 assists, Papapetrou 8 points, I 8 points) were just 7/20 two-pointers, 6/13 three-pointers, 9/13 shots, 9-10 rebounds and 5-for-8 assists respectively. . Errors.

The defenses tightened up enough in the first minutes of the 3rd period that they scored with great difficulty as a result! Individual score in five minutes… 8-8, pattern of film prevailing on the floor. Sure, the “greens” might get the difference in score, but oh well Lessor Was very accurate from the shooting line, going 2/10 through the 25′ (49-49).

The Maccabi Controlled rebounds and combined with his terrific fouling Lessor On shots that followed at an unrelenting pace (2/12), the margin was again four points (49-53 with a 0-4 mini streak). Of course, that doesn’t mean anything. The derby was held as, well…oh Panathinayakas They found ways to “answer back” and took a 54-53 lead in the 27th minute. Flat (54-56). Finally, the 3rd period ended with “Greens” at +2 (58-56), but only losing with 15/27 shots from 4.5 meters.

Indeed, the hosts had to deal with his injury problem Costa Sluka, who felt a right calf pull late in the half. Nevertheless, they continued their good defense and went on a 6-0 run to take an eight-point lead for the first time (64-56 at 33′) to convert 20,000 “Greens” fans. Ok In a real furnace. The line is “broken”. brown with to jump Shot to 64-58 but with later shots I am And Midoglo “Clover” reached a double-digit margin (68-58 in 35′).

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The Lorenzo brown With a series of three-pointers, he preferred to take it upon himself and “respond” to her estrus. Kendrick I am Cut the gap to 6 points (73-67) with three minutes to go. The Lessor He again sent the margin to +10 (77-67) with four individual points.

Where Judged: In the last period, in the terrible defense of Panathinaikos, he “locked” Maccabi, as a result of which he took the momentum and achieved the final victory.

Best of all: Kendrick Nunn impressed again with 26 points on 2/7 2-pointers, 6/10 3-pointers, 4/4 shots, 5 rebounds, 4 assists.

They also expected: Shallow Colson with 4 points and 1/11 shooting.

Players in win: Kostas Slokas (15 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 kills) and Panagiotis Kalaitsakis x factor For the green lead.

His performance went: Lorenzo Brown paced Maccabi with 19 points, 7 assists and 4 rebounds.

Match Statistics: Panathinaikos and especially Leser’s missed shots, as well as Green’s 10/24 three-pointers.

Their next duty is: Panathinaikos host Prometheus Patras in OAKA (10/5, 20:15) for the third round. Stockman Basket League Maccabi Tel Aviv face Ironi Kiryat Ata (10/5, 14:00) for the Israel Cup.

Quarters: 19-21, 41-41, 58-56, 81-72.

Panathinaikos – Maccabi 3-2

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