The Slukas of 2023 are the Spanoulis of 2010

Kostas Slokas “dressed up” as Spanoulis could be made into a movie, and if the finale had been in America instead of Europe, a director would have already been found!

While Vasilis Spanoulis decided to leave Panathinaikos in 2010 (Olympiakos announced at half-time of the World Cup final in Spain-Holland, South Africa) he left as European champions in 2009. At all times and next to him there were giants like Diamantides and Jasikevicius, although he surpassed them all.

History repeated itself

He was a cash seller, and yet he decided to switch sides and go to the “eternal” rival, who in 2009 began to get back on his feet with the Angelopoulos brothers, who had already taken all the shares from Sokratis Kokkakis.

Kill Bill’s ending was described as a…suicide mission.

The first year he did not win, but a year later he enjoyed full justice for the Red and Whites by winning the EuroLeague and the Greek Championship at the same time after 15 years!

He then went back and changed the history of the reincarnated Olympiakos forever, elevating his achievements to legendary status.

When Kostas Slokas made a similar decision last summer, ​​​​his risk – in theory – was that he was 33 years old and an experienced Greek champion left the team, despite one shot (missed by him and Yule was well placed. ) almost European champion.

Also to move to a bigger team is Panathinaikos, who have fallen to 17th placeThe Staying in the EuroLeague, the last game in Oka, Panathinaikos lost the championship to Olympiakos due to violent incidents from fans that disrupted the match.

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Yet he stepped up, and on Sunday night, 13 years later, he proved true by leading Panathinaikos on their way to the summit of Europe, and rightfully so as he emerged MVP of the Final Four. final.

His chemistry with Ataman was explosive, and the Turkish coach didn’t give him much at first (he often turned him into a handball game, leaving him out in attack and defense), which was difficult.

The buzzer beater ended in irons with Olympiakos in the competition’s premiere. Shortly after, a missed shot against Maccabi Tel Aviv sent the game into extra time and a second home defeat in as many weeks, but Slukas never gave up and Ataman never doubted him.

The experienced guard knew how to hit him and, among other things, was able to play the best defense of his career, making him irreplaceable as a result.

“Can you tell a better story than that? Moved from Olympiakos to Panathinaikos and won the EuroLeague in your first season? I think there is no better story than this.

There is always danger. He was also there for the coach and he took it, coming to Panathinaikos and leading him to 17th place. Who will do that? He’s self-confident,” Kostas Slokas said at the press conference, deifying Marias Lesser by saying “he shut them up” while he was elsewhere!

“Kostas carried us tonight. Unfortunately he stole my MVP award (laughs). No, I’m playing. I’m very happy for him, he deserves it. He worked hard for it. He made a big decision last summer that shook Europe and he’s able to do what he did. Many said he was too old to lead a team, not thinking he could.

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“However, tonight he shut them up and proved that Kostas Slukas is one of the best keepers in Europe, one of the best keepers I’ve ever seen,” said the French centre, about Kostas Slukas, who lives every player’s ultimate dream. A story straight out of the most beautiful fairy tale.

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