Panathinaikos: The… miracle with Surry is close, now it’s time for the final result!

Panathinaikos came close to a complete breach of the coach’s case during his ongoing interactions with Maurizio Sarri at the weekend. The next 48 hours will be decisive when the final answer from the Italian technician is expected.

The Panathinayakas Provision of land and water Mauricio Sari Days fighting for absolute superiority in terms of technical leadership, trying to bring a coach from the top level of European football to Greece.

Italian coach It is the ardent desire of the people of clover, Who sees in his face, the man who will bring the club back to the top and make him a hero in Europe again.

In the “green camp” they fulfill all the “wishes” of the former coach and eagerly await Sari’s response. Lazio, Juventus, Napoli and Chelsea, Financially and football wise.

However, the decision to move from the Premier League and Serie A to the Greek Super League is not the easiest thing in the world for a coach who has been in the elite for a decade.

From there, his informant informed magazine Bilateral discussions are on track, with data from Italy available tonight. Increased chances of a happy outcome in the case, However, the process is dynamic and not static and the next 48 hours will decide everything.

Warning! Sarri didn’t “close”, he didn’t sign, he wasn’t on the plane to Athens… but what was recorded in the report from his home country was that Panathinaikos was able to take the case a step further tonight. I did everything to appease him, more than ever before.

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A difficult case. After all, we’re talking about a coach who already rejected her SevilleA manager who is on the shortlists of most teams looking for their next coach and whose name is being ‘touted’ for clubs such as Leicester, Bologna and even a return to Lazio is being scripted in the Italian press.

A Who’s Who of Maurizio Sarri

Maurizio Sarri became known in Europe for his great success with Napoli in the three years 2015-2018, with Hamsik, Higuain, Insigne and Mertens as protagonists. But before that he had already been a coach for a total of 24 years. Born in Napoli, the 65-year-old Italian technician started from the lowest levels of Italian football, on the benches of teams such as Stia, Faellese, Cabrilla, Adela, Valdema, Tagoletto, Sansovino, Sangiovanese.

He had to arrive in 2005 to take over the technical leadership of a team known in Italian football as Pescara, which certainly owes its reputation to the players it has produced in recent years rather than its successes.

He was then on the bench for the first time in a team competing in Serie B. He finished 12th and dropped out at the end of the year. Then he passed through Arezzo, Avellino, Hellas Verona, Perugia, Croceto, Alessandria, Sorrento until he reached Empoli.

With him he managed to win promotion and find himself in Serie A for the first time in his career at the age of 53. In the 2013–2014 season, he emerged as the best manager in Serie B when he won promotion with Empoli. In his first season in Serie A, he finished 15th, and then his three years at Empoli, it was perfect timing. His hometown club, The Naples.

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From the first season, he scored 82 points and came a bit away from the championship, but even then a strong Juventus cleaned up the title case by reaching 91. Sarri was named Coach of the Season. In the summer, he was sold Gonzalo Higuain 90 million euros for Juventus, the highest in its history from Napoli.

Making sure his absence was as inconspicuous as possible, the Italian side finished third with 86 points, five behind leaders Juventus.

The following season, it was Sarri’s third and last attempt to take the scepter from Juventus, but he still failed because despite the 91 points he collected, he was four behind the first Juventus.

However, their amazing performance did not go unnoticed, which they did Chelsea He must be trusted. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well there and he didn’t stay long as he left at the end of the year. Despite all that, he won the Europa League that season (2018-2019), finished third in the league with Chelsea and also led them to the final of the League Cup.

Of course, she hasn’t been out of work since her door Juventus opened for him. He also stayed there for a year. He won the league, the second and last title of his career to date, and reached the final of the Coppa Italia, but was knocked out in the last 16 of the Champions League, costing him a loss.

Maurizio Sarri was inactive for a year after the “Big Lady” season. Lazio.He got the job in the summer of 2021 and stayed there until March 2024, but didn’t finish as runner-up last year.

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