Pimping ring: “I don't know how I got involved” – what the arrested 36-year-old says

After a marathon process on Friday afternoon (22/3), 25-year-old “Maria”, who appears to be the “brains” of a pimping ring that exported underage girls, was remanded according to the conclusion of the investigator and prosecutor. In custody, the other five defendants were released with restrictions.

Among them are a tattoo artist, a 21-year-old woman and a 36-year-old man with dwarfism. The latter appeared in well-known TV shows, while he participated in video clips and commercials of Eleni Foreira and other singers.

“I am happy to be with my people”

'You haven't seen anything yet!' Speaking to the camera shortly after his release, the 36-year-old said he would be proven defamed, while insisting he had no idea how his name came to be. mentioned in the case.

“I am free without bail. I believe in justice. It turns out that they are against me. I am not psychologically ill and I have not hurt anyone. The whole world will know me. I am happy to be with my people,” he said.

“Justice will come in court”

His father said the entire family was devastated by what had happened.

“I believed that my child was innocent, they saw this in court. We have faith in Greek justice. I created this child with pain, I know who it is. We are a model in the neighborhood, we never give rights,” he said characteristically.

Finally, his mother also said that she believed in their child's innocence. “Justice will come in court. He will be proven innocent,'' he said.

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