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The Real Madrid He was not in good form and it led to an episode during the match against Malaga.

The Real Madrid It is obvious that he is facing a crisis with him Panathinaikos A.K.T.R For her he laid his… hand through his conquests in Spain Euroleague 20 days ago.

His team Chus Mateo He was not in good shape and lost first place in the Spanish league because he struggled a lot against Malaga, She put her in a tie from the bottom with another win that beat her at home in the first round.

A referee's decision, but a mistake by him Campacho For Carter, it wasn't the whistle, the match was decided and Real In the end it won 87-81, in a match that O Mario Hessonia He was dropped from the 12-team squad (due to a stomach problem, reported from Madrid).

However, the incident that marked the game came in a timeline and was even caught on camera.

Especially, with the Real players going to the bench, Oh Facundo Campacho And Gershon Yabusele There was a moment of great tension between them, and the Argentinian became angry at what the Frenchman had said to him and shouted at him.

By zooming the camera to get a better picture, oh Sergio Yule He threw a towel in front, making sure to cover his teammates, and looked at the cameraman.

Watch the video:

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