“Separation played a role in changing my voice”

oh Michalis Chatzigiannis Interviewed on his web show Alexandru Kopsialis,”A private cry” flashed again His career path In music, in his first steps but also in Rumors about him.

To change the voice:

“I have never had a single operation on the vocal cords. This does not mean that the voice cannot be changed due to many factors, firstly psychological and secondly, as a musician I wanted to change techniques and I tried other things.

Technique doesn't appear overnight. After 6 months you will know what you have achieved. When you go down a wrong path, you'll realize in a year or a year and a half that you've “hit” it. You just have to figure out how to untangle it. “There is a psychological reason for this shift, and segregation definitely plays a big role,” he said Michalis Chatzigiannis.

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Better we don't have kids with Zeta Makripoulia

The Michalis Chatzigiannis to talk Alexandru Kopsialis And for her Zeta magribulias And the relationships they have today years later their separation.

“It's good that we don't have children with Cheetah Magripolia. We have a good relationship. I'm thinking about having a baby now,” the insider admitted. Singer.

Finally, he revealed how He is now free.

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