Syriza is in a spiral of introversion

Any attempt to address Syriza And Stefanos Kassalakis Politically, even in registering a current statement in the party, it is useless. Every day, the leadership and executives separately feed the parapolitics columns, reviving the general impression that Syriza is destined to end its life in disgrace and ridicule.

As for the president, St. Kasselakis, becomes the host, in which it grows, takes on new life and the proliferation is transformed.

Politics and aesthetics defy even these standards brutality of B. fake, as the last “bunch” androtype, he pretends to be a “guardian”, promising to tear down anyone who disturbs his herd. After the horror of his report on ministers killing babies, including obscenity.

The Ethics her Chief Kasselakis His MEP candidate B. for repeating (in the shadow of the Polakis-Gerodgiafas fight) the murderous government’s charge of managing the epidemic. Freed Gouromblis. He boasted that Al Tsipras, who dismissed him before the election for this statement, accepted him and never backed down.

As for Pavlos Polakis, Mr. He did not need Kasselakis’ approval or order. Tsipras.

B in relation to vaccines, intensive care and infection management. A brief description of the political and professional status of Polakis was given by Mr. Gerodziafas can boast in the future.

The Anger Polakis v Gerogiafa It also has a background of inferiority complex, which is projected as a feeling of superiority towards the “zeroes”.

Kerotsiafa, Cassidiaries according to Polakis. Gerotziafas v. Operating Pharmaceutical Company Polakis.

By victims The blind rage of the latter, colleague Anastasia Yamali (She doesn’t chew the credit) But oh Knossos Iliopoulos, Today it is the New Left that emerged from the fall of Syriza.

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Anyone like K. Zachariadis, who stayed in Koumundourou, is forced to live together with travelers like V. Antonaros and Than, with the logic of seeing and acting after the European elections. The house staff, acting as political thugs, are ready to throw out anyone who disturbs the President.

And so does the young man MP Petros PappasSimilarly, he supported the presidential statement about ministers killing children, pointing out that Kassalakis said nothing but the “accusation” presented by SYRIZA…ND described.

“Shunned” from the inner party sphere and limited publicly only to his “portfolio”, Mr. Nikos Pappas. An Inefficiency Revisited Kassalakis, al. Tsipras.

Experienced observers of left and center-left data take shape on the eve of the European elections, looking at the next divisive matrix to begin center-left realignment.

Of course, they predicted the same thing after Tsipras’s defeat and Kassalakis’ ideological political toxic mess unfolding…

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