Survivor 10/4 Spoiler: Which Team Leads to 4th Immunity?


First guess for the team on the verge of winning the 4th and final immunity on Survivor. Celebrities or Militants?

Survivor 10/4 Spoiler: Stranger things are happening now Survivor And it's clear which group wants what. The predictions we've been seeing lately are tough. Which team wins the 4th immunity in their survival game the sky; Celebrities or Militants?

Georgia will find out and host the final Survivor spoiler Wednesday and give us the final word. But till then let's make our assessment for the team that is favored to win. Hopefully these positive predictions will continue Survivor 2024.

The first estimate is that fighters will get more immunity this week. With the score at 2-1, the only thing that is certain is that Senchal will not get much. We saw her Live streaming how the Blues won 3rd Immunity. However, what happened Twitter alienated and confused everything.

The celebs have been getting stronger lately, but they haven't been able to catch the fighters in terms of overall scores. 10-8.

Survivor 10/4 Spoiler: Which Team Leads to 4th Immunity?

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