Survivor Spoiler Departure 31/5: George Papacharalumpus Got This Money – Detailed List


Giorgos Papacharalambous is leaving Survivor after 13 weeks! Get this money, remember the list

Survivor spoilers depart 5/31: Its 21st week Survivor 2024 ongoing and George Papacharlumbus has passed

The George Lyons She announced her decision to quit her reality show after seriously injuring herself SKAIGeorge returned to Greece.

Gifts Nicolas, Christopher Taxidis And George Papacharlumbus As we have already told you in the related section, they fought their own battle and ultimately did not win Spoilers ahead for who will leave.

We left after about three weeks, during which time players had to go through four duels and move on to a new fighting system.

Clearly, Mr George Papacharlumbus He was one of the outsiders as he was behind in pace compared to other players. After all, the statistics prove it, where he has a success rate of less than 40%, which puts him at the bottom of the rest.

However, the world Sporttime’s mega poll on who wants to leaveHe was clear.

From there, calculate the financial data Survivor. Her salary is 1,000 euros per week. If they’re popular, sure, he can get 9,000 euros, but he’ll settle for that.

For the 13 weeks he was able to stay in Santo Domingo, 1,000 was deposited into his bank account each week, a total of 13,000 euros. Not bad right?

Survivor Spoiler Departure 5/31: Financial List

  • Alexis Pappas 135,000
  • Savvas Gentsoglou 135.00th
  • Stavroula Chrysaeidi 112,000
  • James Kafetsis 110,000
  • Asimina Hatziandrou 108,000
  • Maria Antona 45,000
  • 35,000 by Olga Pilyaki
  • Nicos Canos 35,000
  • Giannis Berbataris 16,000
  • George Papasaralambas 13,000
  • Ira Antomidite 13,000
  • Ioanna Tzavela 13,000
  • Theodoris Turkogeorgos 12,000
  • Christy Kataria 12,000
  • Christos Volikakis 12,000
  • Anastasia Seros 10,000
  • Marilina Wacondio 10,000
  • Joe Asoumanaki 6,000
  • Rob James 5,000
  • Eugenia Borla 5,000
  • Pavlos Papadopoulos 4,000
  • Nikos Rikounakis 4,000
  • Elena Amanadito 3,000
  • Sothiris Lamai 2,000
  • Andreana Gaya 1,000
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