Pan-Hellenic 2024: A candidate from Thessaloniki takes the exam at age 66 – which school he wants to attend

The 2024 Panhellenic competitions for students of General High Schools (GEL) have opened, among the candidates is a 66-year-old woman from Thessaloniki.

Ms Katerina Kiriaki spoke on ANT1 morning show “Morning Greece” about her decision to take her exams, noting that she had the support of all her people as she left school at an early age.

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Panhellenic 2024: Willingness to enroll in education and the support of the 66-year-old

“It’s been an amazing and tough journey. I’ve had to gain a lot of knowledge to come this far. I hope to succeed in getting into academia. I’m taking a 10-day break and hope to catch the next train,” the 66-year-old said at the start and continued on about the support he has received. :

“My granddaughter is taking the promotion exam. She is as proud of me as I am of myself. I have support from my children, my brothers, my granddaughter and all the people who love me”.

“Thank you” to her brother’s wife for encouraging her.

Afterward, Ms. Kiriaki thanked her brother’s wife for putting her through the process of participating in the 2024 Panhellenic Games, while speaking about the new start she is making in her career:

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“I started to understand some things. She hired me as a teacher (including her brother’s wife) if I could achieve something in her math department. When he saw that I was successful, he told me that if I succeed in mathematics, I can succeed anywhere. That’s how I started.”

All-Hellenic 2024: “Fallen” Topics in Modern Greek—Exposure and Responses

It is recalled that Panhellenic 2024 started with the curriculum of Modern Greek Language and Literature for students of public high schools (GEL), the theme of the exhibition is the journey and its benefits.

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Here you can find answers to today’s topics of exhibition and literature in Panhellenic 2024.

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