“Shark” was taken into custody for the Ligeritis murder

An organized fan with the name “Shark” went to jail for incidents with Rendis, who turned himself in to authorities.

The 31-year-old organized fans with a nickname “Shark” He was sentenced to pre-trial detention for his active participation in the events in Rendis that claimed the life of MAT police officer Giorgos Ligeridis.

The 31-year-old, today Friday (10/5), handed himself over to Attica Security’s Deputy Director for Combating Violence at the Playground, as an arrest warrant was issued against him for the accused’s case. organization and his role in the bloody incidents.

“Shark” profile

He used to attend all of his team’s games and was usually on the field wearing a credential.

As can be seen from the collected pre-trial materials, he was one of the leading executives who played a key role in the attack by fans on December 7 at Rendis.

Seated with the rest of the leadership in the area where authorized persons were admitted, he stood outside the door of the organized. Also, as he had the ability to move freely in all areas of the stadium, he ordered the organizers of the stands to replace them with tuduka-organized fans. He received monetary benefits from “Per Times”.

Her role in episodes outside of “Melina Mercury”.

Preliminary investigations revealed that he had a key role in the execution of the scheme. Before the attack and while key players were off the field, one of the members entered the organized fans’ gate from a side door, spoke to the 31-year-old for a few seconds, and then together, they moved through the central stand to the exit door opposite their team’s organized fans’ stand. Specific discharge Agia annis and A. Papadiamandi overlooked the streets, so the police officers of the MAT squad were taking disciplinary action.

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Then they returned again, from the central stand, to the organized fans’ stand. A few minutes later, he and another criminal left the field and, along with a group of other criminals, launched joint attacks against the squad’s policemen, in which they were also present.

As it was established, in a sample later taken by the police, pellets were found in a parachute-type flare carrier and fired from a missile launcher to detect the remains of an activated pyrotechnic compound from the 31-year-old. Sample from his hands.

Source: news247.gr

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