Tasos Chalkias for Panos Vlachos: “Let him know that if he is brought to trial, he will not be alone”

Tasos Chalkias gave an interview on the show “I Love Soukou” and journalist Nania Rigatou

The great actor spoke about his school years and the harsh punishments suffered by students of his time and the incident between Panos Vlachos, Aris Portosalt and Adonis Georgiadis.

Our teachers chased us with sticks

“In the 1950s and 1960s all students were victims of teacher violence. I remember in elementary school our teachers had a stick or a screw or worse a solid piece of wood. Beech… certain forests. We learned about trees from the wood we ate,” describes Tassos Tsalkias. .

“Woe and woe if there is no freedom in art, and woe and woe if there are limits. Many things have been said in the past, especially by satirists like Harry Glynn and Luckys Lasopoulos.”

If he is brought to trial, Panos will certainly not be alone

“The father of the current prime minister, Andreas Papandreou or Konstantinos Karamanlis, has been satirized to an extreme degree. Great and great politicians … and there has never been anything like it. I think this is a huge exaggeration, and it should not be. If he is brought to trial, Panos will not be alone. Assured”, Tassos Tsalkias adds: “Violence provokes the state itself by its actions. It is monstrous to think that art provokes violence.”

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