The Beach: “Encephalic” scene on Twitter Dionysus – Grandou – “What's final, my God?”

Another shocking episode was witnessed by the viewers of the series The Beach, where the revelations followed one another.

Dimitros is detained by the gendarmerie for murdering Rinios, who tries to explain to Arvanitakis that he mistook her for Violetta.

The priest asked Grado to confess so that an innocent man would not go to prison.

Grandos dragged his corpse to Dionysus' house, but he did not expect Dionysus to listen to what he had revealed to him.

“Demetrius is your father,” she told him, and Grandos was stunned by the revelation.

Twitter users are also shocked, even though they knew this little secret, the way it was revealed shocked them.

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Beach – Twitter: “Hey Nikolina you are always selfish and shameless”

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