Thriller where a truck hits the students during the celebration

An event turned into a nightmare in Kyrgyzstan, where a truck crashed and dragged students, who were seriously injured.

Those who attended the event experienced a thriller that resulted in an accident in Kyrgyzstan where a truck driven by an ice cream maker started rolling downhill and 29 students aged between 9 and 16 were seriously injured. In the ICU, 8 children are in critical condition and 11 have been hospitalized.

According to reports, the driver of the van forgot to apply the handbrake, causing it to skid and hit the crowd, who did not have time to comprehend what was happening as the vehicle turned its back towards the descent.

Together with the other men responsible for the security of the event, he “chased” the truck and continued on an uncontrolled path for several meters.

When the accident was investigated by the competent authorities of Kyrgyzstan, the driver was not in the vehicle.

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