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Volos: He took the doctor's word for it and went through the operation and came out half paralyzed

A 79-year-old man from Volos has been alone, helpless and helpless for three years. Who after “conventional” surgery He is disabled and finds it difficult to live.

As reported by Taxidromos.gr, Konstantinos Trantos After he was operated on at a clinic in Larissa in 2021, the left side of his body was completely paralyzed. According to local media, the 79-year-old is now a man He was involved in a car accident in 2018. When he injured his lower back, he found it difficult to stand up, but also to move. At that point her doctor deemed surgery necessary to clean up the stitches in her spine and allow her to move pain-free.

The surgery It was considered a success and for a long time Mr. Trantos faced no problems. However, over the years, especially in 2021, the pains returned, making it difficult for him to serve, but also to walk.

“I was in so much pain, I couldn't imagine the rest of my life being like this. I was told that if I went into surgery I would either die or be paralyzed. I was only taking painkillers to ease the pain.” Describes the characteristics.

His friendly face, However, seeing that he was suffering, he contacted an orthopedic specialist from Thessaloniki, who examined him, He assured me that it was a routine operation and that he would recover soon.

“The doctor came in, saw me, examined me, looked at my history, and promised me that he could cure me. That's what I wanted, and I trusted him.” says the 79-year-old.

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The doctor, according to the patient, specifically told him The surgery will last for a few hours and he will be discharged the next dayCan walk without any problem.

“He already told me that after a month I will be able to do Volos – Larissa on my leg without pain. He asked me for 5,000 euros and we immediately made an appointment. I entered the surgery on Friday morning and they said that everything is fine and I will come out on Saturday morning” He explains himself.

However, the hour passed and Mr. Trandos He could not stand up. “I asked the doctor, he is gone. I couldn't move my legs. They were swollen and I had no reaction.” He says.

The Next days They found him in a rehabilitation center where he stayed for more than three months. However, he never fully recovered. Half of his left side was paralyzed, from experiencing Golgotha ​​with him.

From the first moment the 79-year-old doctor sued for compensation. According to legal representative Ioannis Dafe, the case was discussed Larissa's single-member misdemeanor court And the answer is expected.

“My client's main claim was that when the doctor saw the patient, he promised that he could operate and that he would be up and walking in two days. Instead he never got up again.” The old man's lawyer points out.

Mr. Day-to-day life in Taranto is more difficult than ever. “I'm alone, I can't do anything. Dark thoughts often cross my mind because I don't know what else to do. I can't even go to the bathroom alone. I have to leave home for three years, how can I continue?' It was his cry of despair.

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