We finally know what will happen in the next Resident Evil remake

Thanks to a reliable gaming insider, we learn the latest information about Capcom’s plans for both The next Resident Evil remakeas well as Resident Evil 9.

Reason for @DuskGolem reappearing after a long hiatus to clarify what’s going on with the latest rumors about the next steps for the Resident Evil franchise. The first piece of information he reports and contradicts what has been released in recent days is about the first Resident Evil remake.

According to Dusk Golem “Resident Evil 1 Remake” is not coming To the quality of the previous three, but A Resident Evil Zero remake and Resident Evil Code Veronica remake are in development. Also, it seems to be delayed to late 2025 – at best – and early 2026 – at worst, as for Resident Evil 9’s release.

Resident Evil 9 will take place in an exotic region of Southeast Asia and will be open world. For the record, if the game takes place in 2025, the other well-known Resident Evil characters will also be older, with Chris 52, Jill 51, and Claire 46.

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