King Charles: His cancer 'very aggressive' – what will happen to his heir

King Charles's condition as he battles cancer is “much more serious” than the doctor's initial assessment, a royal writer says.

Buckingham specialist and author Tom Quinn told the Mirror that doctors thought the cancer was not that aggressive but it was ruled out.

William is on the brink of succession

“Carlos is aware of his health. William is on the brink of succession. Charles is believed to be in relatively good shape to hand over the crown in his mid-80s. However, the procedures may begin much earlier because his form of cancer is more dangerous and aggressive than doctors first thought,” Quinn said.

What's wrong with Harry?

The Prince of Wales is at the center of succession planning, but no one believes Harry, the editor told the Mirror. The distrust is said to have arisen following Harry's media interviews and attacks on the royal family in his first memoir, Spare.

“Succession planning is so secretive that no one believes Harry is involved because if he feels insulted or not given what he deserves, he will run straight to the media.”

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