What the NBA’s exit from Kendrick Nunn’s new contract means and how much a team could spend to sign him

What is the minimum salary that Kendrick Nunn could see for a one-year contract in the NBA, and what would a team on the other side of the Atlantic pay if he executed an NBA-out offered by Panathinaikos AKTOR? As compensation for the Greens to get him?

The news that Kendrick Nunn’s contract with Panathinaikos AKTOR has been extended for another two years became official on Wednesday afternoon (8/5) and brought even bigger smiles to the ranks of green fans already in seventh heaven. Glover to the final four of the Euroleague after a 12-year absence.

However, both the green KAE and the American manager made it clear that Nan has an NBA-out in his contract, both this year and next summer. But what does this mean in practice? That’s good to find out A fully guaranteed contract with some team on the other side of the Atlantic until mid-July, Panathinaikos will pay AKTOR a sum in compensation if he wants to return to his homeland.

However, the maximum amount an NBA team can pay to sign a player from abroad is $825,000 for the 2024/25 season and $850,000 for the 2025/26 season, with that figure increasing each year. By $25,000.

So, if the NBA-out set by Shamrock exceeds that amount, in the recent cases of Sasha Vesenkov and Facundo (who still aren’t. I’ll have to pay the difference out of pocket in real money).

What contract can he get in the NBA?

But what about the contract Nan could claim in the NBA? Taking for granted that he already has four years of experience in the world’s best league, I can get $2,165,000 (gross) is the minimum salary for a one-year contract upon his return to the league. However, it is unclear whether the 2021/22 season, in which the American guard belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers but has not played due to a knee injury, is stuck in his previous NBA position.

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So, assuming Nunn has four years of experience in the league, not three, the minimum salary he would receive for a one-year contract is 2,092,354 dollars (total) and no $2,165,000 (gross).

Therefore, to make the decision to leave Athens and return to America, he needs to find a financially favorable project, but not a contract that will bring him the minimum.

Let’s remember that Nunn averaged 12.1 points, 2.4 rebounds and 2.4 assists in 193 appearances (in the regular season) in the NBA, competing with the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers and Washington Wizards, earning a total of $13,246,896. According to Sportak, from his career there.

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