Extension to March 1 for applications – 261,000 applications already approved

Property owners have a few more days to submit the relevant application if they are entitled to the 10% rebate in the 2024 ENFIA.

Normally the deadline that expires today is 1st March, so interested parties (property owners) – beneficiaries of ENFIA waiver can submit the relevant application on AADE's myPROPERTY site.

The relevant decision has been taken by the political leadership of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance, so taxpayers with insured houses who have not yet submitted the relevant application will not lose the ENFIA rebate.

According to available data from AADE, 344,000 applications have been submitted on the myPROPERTY platform so far. Of these, 19,098 applications are pending, while approximately 261,000 applications have been approved due to identification of Asset Identification Number (ATAK) with the insurance policy.

If this happens, the owners of certain properties will see a tax reduction of up to 10% compared to last year in the ENFIA settlement report. The rest of the applications require minor corrections, which will be done by the tax administration, and then, if there is no reason for rejection, will get the green light to calculate the discount.

It is noted that if the period of insurance is less than one year, the reduction of ENFIA is adjusted proportionally. This means ENFIA is reduced by 10% for 12 months of insurance, 7.5% discount is applied for 9 months, 5% for six months and 2.5% for three months, while no reduction is applicable for houses. Insured for less than three months in a year.

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After the property owners' applications are completed, insurance companies must confirm the information included.

Especially for this year's liquidation, a discount of up to 10% is being offered to those who have insured their property against all three perils of natural calamities i.e. earthquake, fire and flood at the same time. The data shows that only 17% of households in Greece are insured and more specifically, 1,074,053 out of 6,371,901 households are insured.

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