Yanis Santopoulos: involved in traffic accident – 19-year-old dies

The singer's car collided with another car, resulting in the death of one of the two occupants.

Yanis Santopoulos: involved in traffic accident – 19-year-old dies

Singer Yiannis Xanthopoulos was killed in a car accident in Menidi early Tuesday morning.

Yiannis Xanthopoulos, according to the information available so far about the traffic accident, Tesilia was moving at breakneck speed down Avenue When a car pulls out of a parking lot. Trying to avoid the other car, The singer went in the opposite direction and shortly collided with the vehicle of the two youths.

A 19-year-old passenger in the other car died instantly. Its 19-year-old driver is in critical condition in KAT. In the area where the accident took place, the limit was 40 kilometers and the singer was moving more than the permissible speed limit. “They drove carefully without runningFriends of the two 19-year-olds who were at the scene of the accident say. It is noted that they were on their way to work at the time of the incident.

Yannis Xanthopoulos: “I didn't lose control of the car”

A few hours after the traffic accident, Yanis Santopoulos, who spoke on Alba's program, described what happened in a very shocking way, while asking for information from eyewitnesses about the car coming from the opposite direction. “No, no, I didn't lose control of the car“, he said politely.

«A car came from the stop. John tried to avoid it. Giannis wasn't running, he was walking 50 kilometers. This car is gone and we are looking for it“, said a relative of the singer. It is noteworthy that the video that came to light from the traffic accident shows the vehicle going through a stop and the singer's vehicle maneuvering to avoid it, when his car collided head-on with the car of two young men.

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In the second video, you can also see the car past the STOP from it Two people got out and left a few meters away from the accident site. Officers at this time They are looking for a third carExit exceeded STOP.

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