Porto 4-2 pen. (1-0): Serenity in penalty shoot-out sets up a thriller for the quarter-finals

Arsenal qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League after a thrilling 4-2 penalty shootout win over Porto in London.

Arsenal were able to bend Porto's resistance on penalties 4-2, Fate of the Wendell and Galeno Portuguese. England advanced to the quarter-finals of the Champions League with a 1-0 win on 120 minutes thanks to Leandro Dazzard's first-leg equalizer.

Penalty shootout

  • 1-0 to Arsenal from Edgard
  • 1-1 Pepe Aquino for Porto
  • Cool hours 2-1 to Arsenal
  • From Wendel's penalty the ball hit the post and then Raya's feet
  • 3-1 to Arsenal
  • 3-2 Porto with Krujic a nice penalty
  • 4-2 Rice to Arsenal
  • Raya saves Galeno's effort and Arsenal advance

Both teams lined up on the pitch. Sergio Cansico's tactical plan had an effect, as a result of which the “dragons” fearlessly stepped onto the field and put the ball at their feet.

In fact, they were the first to go close through David Raya's long shot from Evanilson. The 41-year-old Pepe was short on a certain goal from Guy Havards, but he didn't make it in the 41st minute. A piece of magic from Martin Edgard freed Leandro Trassart against the Portuguese stopper and the Belgian made it 1-0.

The 1st half ended with some nerves after fierce battles with protagonists Declan Rice and Ottavio, and the 2nd began with the Londoners with a knife in their teeth and the visitors giving away meter and ball and only defending.

The home side threatened from the set piece, but it wasn't until 68' that Edgard fired the ball into an empty net without much of a chance, but the referee had already blown the whistle for Haywards' attacking foul.

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Arsenal's pressure didn't pay off and both managers started their changes in the 83rd minute (the first of which was Gabriel Jesus with four fours a minute later) as the game went into extra-time.

Fatigue was evident in extra time and only the substitutes could run. Both teams were waiting for a penalty, and so were the two coaches. At 30 minutes, the Portuguese had three final possessions and only one on target before finally being settled by penalties.

Wendell and Galeno failed to beat David Raya and Arsenal progressed to the quarter-finals for the first time since 2010, after seven exits in the round of 16, hoping to continue their run of last-five teams by knocking Porto into the final. .

  • Arsenal: Raya, White, Saliba, Magalias, Kivier (106' Zinchenko), Edgard, Rice, Jorginho (83' Jesus), Saka, Howards, Drosar (106' Nketia)
  • Porto: Costa, Mario (86' Sanchez), Pepe, Ottavio, Wendell, Varela (90+7' Krujic), Nico (101' Eustaquio), Canceio (101' Borges), Pepe Aquino, Galeno, Evanilson (86' Taremi)

16th round results

The first games

  • Copenhagen – Manchester City 1-3 (34' Madsen / 11' De Bruyne, 45+1' Silva, 90+3' Foden)
  • Leipzig – the real one 0-1 (49' Death)
  • Paris – Real Sociedad 2-0 (58' Mbappe, 70' Barkola)
  • Lazio – Bayern 1-0 (69' Pen. Fixed)
  • Inter – Atletico 1-0 (79' Arnautovic)
  • Eindhoven – Dortmund 1-1 (56' Pen. De Jong – 24' Mullen)
  • Napoli – Barcelona 1-1 (75' Osimen / 60' Lewandowski)
  • Porto – Arsenal 1-0 (90+4' Galeno)

Second matches

  • Real Sociedad – Paris 1-2 (89' Merino / 15', 56' Epabe)
  • Bayern – Lazio 3-0 (39', 66' Kane, 45+2' Miller)
  • Real – Leipzig 1-1 (65' Vinicius / 68' Orban)
  • Manchester City – Copenhagen 3-1 (5' Akantsi, 9' Alvarez, 45+3' Holland / 29' Eliunucci)
  • Barcelona – Napoli 3-1 (15' Fermin, 17' Cancelo, 83' Lewandowski / 30' Rahmani)
  • Arsenal – Porto 4-2 pt., 1-0 par., 1-0 ka (41' Trozer)
  • 13/03 22:00 Atletico – Inter
  • 13/03 22:00 Dortmund – Eindhoven
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* The draw for quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals will be held on March 15.

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