A new female homicide with a history of domestic violence

Another femicide with a long history of domestic violenceAt this time Menidi.

The victim is a 40-year-old woman from Albania, a mother of two teenagers, who was found dead early on Thursday (16/5) with stab wounds, in the middle of the road, at the intersection of Barnitos and Aristotle Streets.

The body of the 40-year-old woman, with the deadly weapon attached, has been taken to the forensic lab.

As the prime suspect wantedHer 50-year-old ex-partner is being treated, He has been reprimanded several times in the past A recent victim, too, of domestic violence against her.

Direct action police officers were brought in just after midnight on May 7 after another heated incident between them.In Acharno’s 1st police department and the efficient office for combating domestic violence.

Then the victim She sued her ex-partnerHe was arrested as part of an autoforo for violating the “domestic violence” law, along with “simple bodily harm”, “threats” and “insult”.

The patient was given an order for forensic examination and given information, instructions and printed materials, if he so desired, to obtain appropriate moral support and necessary material assistance from the competent bodies.

Further He was informed about the possibility of installing the “Panic Button” application on his mobile phone And given a code to access that application.

The victim was also informed about her The possibility of moving her to a hosting structure and she said she didn’t want to.

The The 50-year-old abuser was brought to the Athens prosecutor’s office the same day. And got a speedy hearing for tomorrow, Friday, May 17.

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Two more times in the past, in 2013 and 2022. The victim lodged a complaint against her ex-partner for domestic violence, during which the perpetrator was tracked down and arrested at the Autoforo border.

Especially, on April 3, 2013The victim filed a complaint against her ex-partner for violating the Domestic Violence Act, who was arrested and taken to the prosecutor’s office.

At September 18, 2022 The victim filed a complaint against her ex-partner for domestic violence (threats, physical harm and insult), who was arrested and taken back to the prosecutor. It was mentioned that the accused was barred from living with the victim based on the court order, but she herself had allowed him to do so since 2018. He was given a document and a form to examine her by a medical examiner. Agents and phone numbers for victims of domestic violence.

Now on May 7, is the latest incident in which a 50-year-old man once again abused his ex-partner. Security forces are looking for any witnesses and video material from the area, and they are certainly looking for the 50-year-old man as the main or only suspect in his ex-partner’s brutal murder.

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