The Miccoskie Challenge: The Constitutional Right to Call Our Country What We Like

In the wake of President Kortana Celianowska’s statements, her new prime minister also took on a new challenge. North Macedonia Christian Mikkoski said that the country’s constitutional right to be called what it wants.

Among other things, he calls on Greece to stop attacks on his country and, if he has any problems, to go to the court in The Hague.

At the same time, he insists that it is his constitutional right to call his country what he wants and no one can impose anything else on him.

Finally, he notes that VMRO will not repeat past mistakes.

“I call on our friends in Greece to stop the threats”

Details of his statement:

“I think this is a polite statement. I can say that I expected our southern neighbor to congratulate us. Instead, unfortunately, they showed us their political “weapons”. I did not expect the relations between the two countries to be based on political “weapons”. We have good, “I expect good neighborly relations. As a party (VMRO) and the ND government, I appreciate that they have their opinion on the Prespa agreement. Neither we nor they like it,” he notes.

“Unlike there, the contract in our country is a part of Macedonian institutions, Macedonian constitution and laws. We have said many times in the past that this is the reality. Relations between institutions and institutions are based on laws and constitution,” he emphasizes.

“My personal constitutional right is how to call my country, when I make statements and when I talk to you, journalists, I expect President Silianovska to use the words Macedonia and Macedonia in this way. In our own interpretation of the Prespa agreement, the agreement has not been violated, and on this occasion I ask our friends in Greece to stop the threats, the sanctions, to go back to the past, to look to the future”, he added.

“If they think we have violated the Prespa agreement, I would say there is an international court in The Hague. They can start a process, and there we will see the arguments of one side and the other. I hate to go there. I call for good neighborly relations, friendly relations, helping each other,” he said. refers to

“If anyone expects BMRO to repeat the mistakes of the past, I assure you that we will not do that. We do not want to respond to their political “weapons” by renaming streets, airports or monuments. We want to be happy and have a protocol that regulates economic relations between the two countries. We want to see recognition, good economic cooperation,” he asserts.

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“I take this opportunity and invite Greek companies to invest in Macedonia. We want to see Macedonian companies investing in Greece. This is how partners should work together, I want to see this kind of cooperation. Unfortunately, first impressions don’t have a second chance, and unfortunately, first impressions from our southern neighbors , instead of congratulating both VMRO and Silianovska on their decisive victory, we saw an open display of political muscle,” he added.

“Unfortunately, a large part of the Prespa agreement was implemented here in Macedonia, and looking at what is happening with our southern neighbors, the three main things that they need to complete, unfortunately, have not yet been completed. But we will not enter into … we welcome good relations with good neighbors, and soon Greece I look forward to meeting the Prime Minister and discussing our future cooperation in tourism, economy, education etc.

North Macedonia must fully implement the Prespa Agreement

Earlier, Foreign Minister Giorgos Gerapetridis clarified the North Macedonia issue:

“We know that one of the preconditions for the development of the European process is the observance by the government of North Macedonia of the Prespa agreement, which gives the country its proper name.”

Gerapetridis with his Czech treatise: Revisionism cannot be tolerated

“The Greek government wants to continue the implementation of the agreement by all means, however we must know that there can be no concession when talking about the implementation of an international agreement, which by definition violates internal laws, so there is no room for it. No retreat”.

“Greece will closely monitor the situation in North Macedonia. We call on the Government and President of North Macedonia to fully implement the Prespa Agreement.

“We are ready to discuss further, but as I said we cannot tolerate concessions on preconditions.”

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