TEMPI: The new technical report was presented to Larissa’s appeals examiner

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A new technical report released Thursday morning brings new elements to Larissa’s investigation into Tempe’s tragedy. It bears the signature of fire expert Vasilis Kokotsakis and two of his colleagues from abroad.

In the new technical report, the following key conclusions and findings emerge:

– The two engines of the commercial train did not collide with the engine of the passenger train because “both engines were found approximately 45 meters (outside the line) from the other terminus of the train. (On the line, both engines had no impact on the metal surface of the passenger train, but there were signs of impact on the side and additionally the platform of the commercial train. The position and condition of No. 1 had obvious signs of a front.

Firefighters’ contact with chemical substances such as hydrocarbons exposes them to chemical injury, which stresses that the uniform cannot protect them. It is also said:

“Chemical injuries to firefighters do not come into contact with silicone oil in any form, but rather with substances such as highly toxic organic solvents.

All the wagons of the commercial train moved slightly forward at the time of impact, and a container of OCCL detergent in some wagon No. 4 had a different trajectory: “Not only did it not move forward, it just went forward. Not only did it beat the locking mechanisms, but also overstepped the rails of its own carriage, Not the next, and as a result he occupied a significant part of it,” it is said.

– From the first hour, there is a systematic attempt to remove the materials from the scene, “The materials, after being carefully selected, are placed behind the container of wagon No. 5 and driven in an unknown direction. Among these materials, there are some that resemble materials that carry dangerous chemical flammable materials.”

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– From the analysis of the video material, it is clear that when a carriage or compartments of the passenger train came into contact with a burning container containing flammable fuel, they caught fire along with the container thrown from it. Storage-transportation point.

– The total amount of flammable chemical fuel in a liquid state (xylene, toluene or another organic solvent according to the findings) was very large in the same place (container – wagon).

– The actions of the drivers of the commercial train led to the reduction of human losses to a minimum.

The new report points out once again that there is falsification of evidence and even expungement of convictions.

It specifically mentions:

“As of noon on March 1, 2023, the management company and the owner of the trains, without being prevented by anyone (pre-investigation – investigative authorities), took back all but 2 containers and took them to Thessaloniki. , the other two it will receive in two days. 20.03.2023 of the investigator After the intervention of the order, that is, after 23 days, HELLENIC TRAIN is suspected of having committed a crime, implying its credibility. For this entire period, there is no administrative right”.

View the updated technical report here

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