AEK Museum: Gasparinatos on bwinSPORT FM about the AEK Museum: “They almost got lost in 2003 – Football – Stoiximan Super League – AEK

Just before the opening of its history museum AEKOne of its basic coefficients is, Gerasimos CasparinatosI spoke to him bwinSPORT FM 94.6 For specific build.

In fact, he said –Talks with Christos Sotirakopoulos– How difficult it is to collect “yellow and black” memorabilia, because almost all of it was lost when the old Union Stadium in New Philadelphia was demolished.

«Museum It was basically done by his people, the AEK family, her soldiers. I was the coordinator and it was a project that gave me joy“, he initially reported.

Asked when the museum would be open to the public, he said:It opens to the press today and will open to the public in a few days. The date will be announced by PAEWe don't know the date yet».

Giving information about the location of the museum, he said:In Biceps Square, there is a building adjacent to the stadium. The building also houses two museums. On the 3rd floor is the History Museum of AEK, on ​​the 1st is the Museum of Refugee Hellenism. Combining the two is worth a world visit».

When asked how difficult it is to create a museum:In AEK's case it may be a little harder to build than other clubs. We have wronged ourselves. Almost all was lost when the old stadium was demolished in 2003. Lost photos, objects, documents. Everything that was was lost, we were at ground zero when the effort to collect exhibits began. This is unthinkable. For example, when Panathinaikos starts building the museum, it won't be in this situation, I would like no club to find where we were. It is our misfortune and our fortune People accepted the initiative, the whole family. We were able to collect items from all seasons of AEK. So we overcame the handicap»

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Regarding the items in the museum, he said:Emphasis is placed on the football section, but there is reference to other sections as well. Basketball has such an extensive area that it would make its own museum».

As for rare items in the field: “I can't name one thing, but the AEK plot contains the cornerstone of the first important works. Later in 1938 they allowed AEK to use it. Not many people know this. There are important jerseys. Nestorides, Papaioannou, but also opponents like Puskas. There are important exhibitions from the 1920s. This is the most exciting period in AEK's history for me. Uprooted, with everything behind, their new beginning in ancient Greece. Its first charter and the only surviving copy».

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