“The Witch – Burning Heart”: What we learned about the second cycle of the series

“The Witch” fans are looking forward to the infamous prequel

A few days after the grand finale of “The Witch” series on ANT1, viewers' interest is focused on the much-discussed prologue of the upcoming season. Two screenwriters, Melina Chambani and Petros Galgovalis, shared their first thoughts on “Magisa – Burning Heart” in a memo released to the public.

“As day coexists with night…hate and love…good and evil…so each Cypriot will always have a Theophano. And this chain will never be broken…from the beginning…to the end of the world we shall meet. At the beginning of this chain, The next journey. In occupied Venice, these two forces clash for the first time. The same chain of events leads us to 1910, where a descendant tries to find the answers to the curse. “Maybe. But will that be the end of the journey? Will the journey ever stop?”

At the same time, the first teaser and photos of the heroine Maria Kitso have been released. The talented actress returns to television with “The Witch – Burning Heart” in a much-debated role after “Wild Peace”.

Lefteris Charitos, the director, published a few days ago: “It's a different story and a different logic. It's a very “crime” story, and internal, magic plays a primary role. Since we're referring to the Venetian regime, there are leading characters from Venice because of the Italian element. .The cast will be different for the second cycle. For now we have only Maria Kitso booked. The rest of the cast is currently being sought to get the cameras rolling and ready in time for early summer.

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