Asteras Tripoli – Panaitolikos 0-2: Big leap towards eve!

With Panaitolikos… his world number 12 and Diaz and Joao Pedro on the scoresheet, Eve took a big leap in goal in a 2-0 win over Asteras in Tripoli.

In Tripoli today (20/4) Panaitolikos beat Asteras 2-0 and “climbed” to 30 points with a valuable win.

Under the goalposts with the hosts Tsiftsis, Lairatsis, Castaño, Atienda, Hukhumi four from the right defense, Yablonski, Goss on the axis, Palacios, Crespi wings and Bartolo behind Miritello.

The visitors had Chaves in goal, Oikonomo, Mali, Tapitze stoppers, Maurya right back-half, Torrejon left, Perez, Liava, Huanpi Achill and Diaz, Lomonaco in attack.

Panaytolikos made a great entry

Crosses in the match and the first 10 minutes completely belonged to the “Canaries”, the guests pressed high, blocked the hosts and stepped into their frames. The finals were already 4-0 in their favor at the end of this minute, and in fact Siftzis made a great save on Diaz's shot in the 8th minute and he kept his goal intact at a critical juncture.

Diaz is 0-1

Somewhere Arcades equalized, even with the same coin, they wanted to “make it difficult” for their opponents as they raised their lines and pressed the first ball of Panaitolikos. Both sides had automatic long balls, but also a completely opposing attacking approach. From then until the final, Asteras threatened in the statics – Bartolo hit the best shots – and was even “fun” 1-0 at this point when Atyenda made a projection/heel in the 21st minute, but Chavez jumped to save. in the corner.

The visitors, on the contrary, distributed the ball better to the home team at 55%, mainly when they wanted to “structure” situations from their left and axis. From there they opened the scoring and in the 31st minute, after a vertical effort to play for LoMonaco, the Argentinian forward made a “break” for Torrejon, Huanpi turned on his heel and found Diaz, who brought down well. 0-1, that was the score of the first half.

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4-4-2 Montsis, Asteras with Miridelos

During the break, Milan Rastavacs wanted to improve their team's image and with the entry of Mandzis they changed their formation to 4-4-2 as the Greek forward moved to Miritelos.

With “Good Morning” in the second half, Arcades took over, but couldn't make the grids. Panaitolikos kept his lines close, didn't threaten and played directly in the open play.

In fact, he was the one who touched the goal again, in the 55th minute he played vertically for Diaz Lomonakos, who entered the “wedge” between Castaño and Houhoomi and was “executed” from a favorable position, but the Greek left back saved him. to the planning committee. Moments later (60') in a steady situation the Arcadians threatened again, the visitors' defense was confused and Castaño took a shot, but the ball went wide.

Assists by Diaz and Pedro 0-2, Chavez “Zero”

The game was effectively over in the 67th minute when Jablonski lost the ball in midfield and it went to Diaz, who played it straight in to beat Siftzis to make it 0-2. Now the word management has entered the “equation” of conflict.

The “Canaries” gave way and they kept their advantage until the end, now playing mostly in their own half. They had a heart attack in the 79th minute. After a brilliant cross by Regis from outside, Alvarez went to the second post and shot, but Chavez made a brilliant save and then B. Duarte was ejected.

MVP: Diaz. The Paraguayan was at his best in Greece. He opened the scoring, providing the assist for Jono Pedro's 0-2, Tsftsi hit him with a great shot in the first half and created Lomonaco's big missed chance in the second in the 56th minute.

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