Agioi Anargyroi: Chrysochoidis responds to police responsibilities in crime – what the opposition says

In particular, SYRIZA, PASOK and KKE asked for clear answers to the police shortage, while at the same time raising the issue of “security” to citizens, focusing on the inaction and inadequate measures of the EL.AS system. And… the failure of the “panic button” ».

The Competent Minister of Civil Defense was asked to provide answers from the Government, Michalis chrysocoides Speaking about the investigation into the implementation of the protocol: “This incident is a very shocking one, because a 28-year-old young woman has gone in a painful way, in a violent way, and we are all mourning,” the minister first said. “When a life is lost, nothing is done well”, he stressed speaking to ERT.

Regarding that there is also a specialty Education The police officers could have dealt with such incidents and could have prevented the murder of this woman. Michalis chrysocoides He said it was important to investigate how the incident happened.

“When an incident like this comes to the police, there are specific protocols that an officer follows to manage the incident, and those officers are trained. So we need to examine whether all these are implemented.

A little later, through ANT1, the minister explained, “…what needs to be investigated thoroughly is the circumstances under which it happened, how the girl lost her life. We will conduct a thorough investigation so that any liability can be attributed or any negligence, inaction, neglect Can cure and punish, on the other hand, we can assure the citizens that the greatest effort is being made.

Zacharakis: Using the panic button and 15900

Social Cohesion and Family Minister Sofia Zaharakis spoke to ERT in the evening about the massacre of women in Agioi Anarkiros, “…although I am not a politician, it may be a simple statement that I am shocked. A minister responsible for domestic violence. But first of all any woman I love listens to us now. , should not lose faith in the system.

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Of course we should read all the sources. How it happened, why it happened, could have happened before. So this entire case file, whether the panic button was used or not, is very important. A woman lost her life again at the hands of a partner, and we know worse than betrayal as a result. So the state is here not merely to invent, to do social analysis, but above all to act.

I'm here today to let the lady who listens know that 15900 exists. Last year we were contacted by more than 8,000 women, 80% of whom were victims of domestic violence by a partner or husband. Let them know that there are 44 counseling centres, free counselling, psychological and legal services.

Let him know that we can offer him the opportunity to stay in a hostel with the child, and immediately, if he feels strong enough, to pay the rent so that he can stay in the housing and work program.”

Sakellaropoulou: “It shocks and angers us”

After the tragedy in Agios Anarkyros, President Katerina Sakellaropoulou commented, “The murder of a 28-year-old woman, another woman's murder, causes shock and anger”. And he added: “Showing us one of the darkest and saddest aspects of our society in a brutal and painful way, he emphasized the urgent responsibility of the state in the fight against gender-based violence and crime. He concluded: “There is no room for tolerance and inaction against these phenomena”.

Kassalakis: “We must have efficient police”

At the same time, in an interview with SKAI, SYRIZA's leader Stefanos Kassalakis sent his condolences to the 28-year-old's family, noting that “… we must have an efficient police force.” At the same time, he stressed, “the country has a serious security problem in terms of crime, domestic violence and civil security.”

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Earlier, with a question to Michalis Chrysochoidis in the parliament, SYRIZA called on the responsible minister: “Inform about the proper actions of the police systems in the Agioi Anargyroi department and give them responsibilities.

The Minister is also requested to report if he considers that his Ministry's actions to date have had the desired effect in the direction of training ELAS staff to manage gender-based violence.

Finally, the Ministry of Civil Defense was asked whether it has an operational code of measures to manage incidents of gender-based violence, but how this explains the rapid increase in domestic violence and femicide in recent years. What it wants to do, as well as the government as a whole, is to finally reduce these.”

Androulakis: “Not enough government in security either”

From the floor of the parliament, the leader of PASOK, Nikos Androlakis, attacked the government during the murder of the 28-year-old, saying that the government has failed miserably in the matter of security: “This tragic event comes. A series of events that prove that you have not failed miserably in the issue of citizen security”, stressed the leader of PASOK. Cases such as the murder of a young woman outside a police station in Agios Anarkiros”.

KKE: Police arbitrariness and negligence

“The human mind cannot fathom a 28-year-old woman being murdered by her ex-partner, and even outside a police station, she sought refuge and sought help and protection,” KKE said in its statement. of a 28-year-old woman in Agioi Anargyros. The KKE spoke of the “arbitrariness and negligence” of the police and demanded an inquiry into the circumstances of the crime “including the responsibilities of the police officers”.

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“It is a challenge for the ND government to publicize measures like the panic button. It is a perennial policy of all governments to consider as “cost” the necessary measures for comprehensive social protection of women from various forms of violence. “All the circumstances of the crime, including the responsibilities of the police officers, must be investigated,” the report concluded.


Death Penalty Urgent preliminary examination The head of the Athens First Prosecutor's Office ordered, Antonis EleftherianosAfter the file generated for is sent to Evelpidon Murder of a 28-year-old woman want Saints AnarchyrosOutside the police station.

As part of the preliminary investigation, the criminal responsibilities of the police officers who were on duty at the police station will be investigated. The public prosecutor conducting the investigation will also wait for the EDE's decision.

Aki was convicted and murdered in Anargro's police station

Intime news

“They had a patrol car that they didn't have.”

At the same time, MEGA's Central News Bulletin A.T. Agioi Anargyroi also had a patrol car, but also a driver – an on-duty police officer who was ill-used to accompany the 28-year-old woman to her home.

According to the report, the police department, in addition to the police officer, also had another officer designated as the “supervisor” of the police departments in the area.

Supervisor A.T. Ajioy Anarkiroi and there was a patrol car and driver. However, it was decided that the incident was not particularly significant, and they thought that something more serious might happen after the change.

So the 28-year-old was “advised” to call 100, but no case was registered and the girl left the AT.

The accused apologized on Thursday

His accuser received a deadline to apologize on Thursday Murder of 28-year-old youth. Criminal charges were brought against the accused for murder, illegal carrying of weapons, use of weapons and possession of narcotics for personal use.

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