Temporary-Technical Adviser: What's missing from the investigation, what he says about the explosion

In the hands of the appeals investigator is the final report of a technical consultant appointed by the families of the victims of the accident in Tempe, in which Vassilis Kokotsakis identifies errors and shortcomings in the investigations.

According to him, the expert is trying to explain the explosion after the trains collided in the Tempe accident. Silicone oil – appointed experts attributed it – did not exhibit behavior consistent with the characteristics of this particular explosion, says Vassilis Kokotsakis, according to ERT.

Such an explosion is caused by the detection of liquefied gas or high viscosity (fuels, solvents, liquefied gases) substances and compounds (benzene, toluene, xylene), he points out.

In fact, the expert notes four firefighters suffered chemical burns that did not come into contact with the flames. “Firefighters did not come into direct contact with the flames, but extinguishing residues (materials brought from them) and could have penetrated their uniforms and caused them this type of injury,” says an expert for the families of the victims in Tempe.

Vasilis Kokotsakis is still at his exhibition Detects errors and omissions in surveys. In particular, he points out that the site of the collision was “contaminated” and altered, as nearly two crowns were filled with concrete and gravel.

Also, garbage is not stored properly The containers of the commercial train and the canteens of the passenger train were not preserved as the officials did not take samples of the dusty sheet metal. For this reason he recommends taking more samples.

According to an ERT report, the families of the victims are insisting on asking the authorities about the whereabouts of the commercial train containers, which are seen in the video but are not in Kouluri.

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With information from ERT

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