Incidents between Greek fans in Berlin – injuries and 89 arrests

Fans of Olympiakos and Panathinaikos clashed in Berlin because of the EuroLeague Final Four match in basketball, but officials did not confirm whether the fight was between Greeks. The Berliner Zeitung talks about the conflict between the Greeks.

At least 12 people were injured, one in serious and critical condition and two with serious injuries. Police arrested.

As mentioned therein “The city’s fire department issued a statement that a fan who had come to watch the final four of the Euroleague was seriously injured.

According to him, a man is in danger of losing his life due to injuries sustained during the fight at the subway station Prenzlauer AlleeTwo others were seriously injured.

The news comes shortly after it was revealed that Olympiacos and Panathinaikos fans had brawled at a metro stop, although the announcement did not clarify whether it was the same incident – although it is clear the similarities are huge.
According to the German capital’s fire department, twelve people were treated with first aid, nine with minor injuries.

Next is his new post It is pointed out: “Unfortunately, the news from Germany is not pleasant, as there were many clashes between the fans of Panathinaikos and Olympiakos, and there were also bats.

As stated Berliner Zeitung In a statement issued by him today, it has been confirmed that there was a clash between the fans of the basketball teams this morning. As the fire department notification opens.

Among other things, the Germans report that about 60 people participated, and the police representative said that baseball bats and bats were used as weapons, something very shocking. We remind you that a sports fan has been admitted to a Berlin hospital in a critical condition due to these incidents.

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Final time for Panathinaikos in terms of competition, tonight at 9pm they face Real Madrid in the final of the EuroLeague in Berlin, aiming to win the 7th title in their history. Short final between Olympiakos and Fenerbahce at 6pm.

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