“Bagasedus made the theater ten days ago, and still does it today”

Razvan Lucescu unleashed the thunder after the game against Panathinaikos, noting that he played in the Dazos Bagasetas championship match and the semi-final against PAOK.

PAOK were beaten 1-0 by Panathinaikos in Toumba and will be looking for an upset win at Leoforou next week to qualify for the Betsson Greek Cup final.

In the press conference, Razvan Lucescu commented critically on the actions of Tasos Bagacetas, saying that he played in the cup game and in the league, while he also commented on the dismissal sent to him by the green PAE.

Razvan Lucescu elaborated in the press conference: What went wrong and did the dismissal unify the team?: “The result was wrong for us and it didn't go well. Bigger and more chances were ours and it was not a match we should have lost. Panathinaikos were solid in defense and looked to play in transitions. We had one chance with Brandon through a keeper save and another shortly after…

In the second half, from the 50th minute to the 60th minute, as we lost control, Panathinaikos scored a goal and missed another good chance. Then we regained control and had a few chances but couldn't score. We pushed until the end and I think we should have scored, we deserved a goal.

Shame we didn't score, the changes helped us. These things happen in football, the first half is over and we will go to Athens and fight to get back from there qualified for the final. We have a duty to fight with all our strength“.

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It's true that Panathinaikos scored from Otto's side, and if it was risky, he would suddenly be playing as a starter.: “Yoni is a seasoned player who has shown great performances from games like this and was our pick to play today. Showed personality and played well. Maybe he found himself alone in some situations, but that's not to say he wasn't good.

In the first half, I don't remember Panathinaikos having a chance, but in the second half, like the goal we conceded, in the second half, situations were mainly created from the left side, but the overall responsibility. It's a bad moment for us because in the last two games, we've only managed to score once after many chances and that worries me. There is one more match against Panathinaikos, we have had many battles this year in similar conditions. It is purely a matter of faith. For a player who has passion, feelings, beliefs in a game“.

About Tyson and his reaction:Probably, the whole scene affected him, as the theater did today, with Pakaseta in the penalty shoot-out here in Toomba 10 days ago.

Panathinayak should stop sending me these… letters because I am telling the truth. Panathinaikos is in favor and is furious with the referee. It was an inappropriate reaction, for a player like him, he had to keep his anger inside“.

As for whether this eleven was the best for the tournament or was it management: “It was a matter of management, as we have done all season. We manage every game in front of us, we have the players we used and the players we have to play.

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It was also a matter of what lies ahead and what comes before that after we played AEK, where we wasted a lot of energy. The decision was not good, we missed chances and the game was in the balance. We couldn't score and that made the difference“.

Perpetually hypnotized second-half starts and getting nothing from his predecessors in big games: “We cannot judge predecessors alone. Staff midfielders, midfielders, wingers, set-pieces are where we can get goals, especially in derbies. We don't score goals with our strikers, that's the situation. In the last two matches, neither Panathinaikos nor AEK have scored with their attacking players. If there's one thing I'm not happy about, it's about our management when we're dominating the pitch.

We had a tough match on Sunday and it was unfortunate to have two important games in three days, which has cost us a lot of mental energy. Especially handling the cross before the ball goes into the area we could have missed the goal. Let's go to Athens for the upset and qualification“.

Despotov and Zivkovic for joining the ranks: “It depends on the opponent and the situation. Constantelias played as a substitute with AEK and today he was sick and couldn't play. After Sunday, Tyson was unable to play from the start. The solution was for Despotov to play with this formation on the left. It's obvious that both prefer to play on the right, and Despotov is easier to play on the left“.

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