Peasants decide in their assemblies in blocks – an extension proposed by the peasants in Thessaly

Tomorrow Thursday at 12 noon Nice by Larissa will be held on Nationwide Constituent Assembly From all over Greece, they can decide on their next moves after the support measures announced by the Prime Minister.

Farmers for now Continue the mobilizations Along with the blockades of the national roads, two tendencies have developed in the blockades: one mild, preferring to reduce mobilizations, the other proposing a dynamic mobilization with a descent to Athens.

“We will not allow Greece to split in two,” the government declares.

In New mobilizations Farmers staged a symbolic road blockade a day ahead of a nationwide meeting of union representatives.

The Thessalian farmers decided to increase

her Farmers in Platycampos constituency decided to intensify the mobilizationsIt seems that their demands were not met in the afternoon meeting after being discussed in the meeting with the Prime Minister yesterday.

This is what farmers are going to submit tomorrow Nationwide Constituent Assembly In the Nice of Larissa. The other proposal relates to a rally in Athens. A similar petition will also be filed from Karditsa constituency, which earlier held a Farmers' Assembly.

With many hoping the rally in Athens would put pressure on the government, a range of opinions were heard.

Peasants would close the roads symbolically, but if they did not descend on Athens, they would block the roads in important places.

Earlier they went to a coding system Occupancy of the Athens-Thessalonica National HighwayAt its height Platycampos. After the consultation, the farmers were allowed to go up to the national road, symbolically with a tractor going up.

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Farmers in Almiros Vol In Volos they are asking for tax-free oil, kilowatt hours not to exceed 7 minutes and to continue the dialogue on common agricultural policy. At the same time, so are its farmers Paonia They are determined to continue their mobilization at the customs office of Evzones and open all possibilities.

Government officials note that the Prime Minister has presented substantial and reasonable proposals, with permanent measures on energy expenditure.

Review Official opposition to government manipulations. From the Farmers' Constituency in Kastro Viotias, Nikos Androulakis emphasized that PASOK stands by 7 measures in support of farmers.

The Final results It will be discussed how the farmers will act in future Thursday 12 noon At the Panhellenic meeting in Larissa.

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