The money earned by qualifying for the conference league and his total this year

After qualifying for the round of 16 of the Europa Conference League, Olympiacos has already reached eight-figure sums from European revenue.

Olympiakos will continue their European presence in the Round of 16 of the Europa Conference League after qualifying against Ferencvaros.

This means money will continue to flow into his accounts from UEFA, adding to the approximately 9,300,000 he is known to have already secured.

The “red and white” began harvesting… from 100,000 people to participate in the 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League. Qualifying for the playoffs did not generate income, as it automatically secured the groups (of the Europa Conference League) despite being relegated.

He eventually qualified, so he received 3,630,000 (3,400,000 up front and 230,000 in installments to follow) as a premium for being in the Europa League groups.

In this round, Preus recorded two wins against West Ham and Beka Topola, which brought in 1,260,000 and 210,000 in Serbia.

3,432,000 will be added to his coffers, resulting in his ten-year lead in European competitions, the 7th best of 32 teams in the group stage, resulting in him collecting 26 “shares” of 132,000 each.

The market group's money should be added to the Europa League's roughly 8,500,000, which is estimated at around 1,000,000.

From there, the harvest begins from the Europe Conference League. Participating in the round of 16 playoffs equals a premium of 300,000 and participating in the round of 16 doubles the money to the Piraeus coffers.

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Given revenue of Olympiakos

  • Participation in the 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League: 100.000
  • Participation in Europa League groups: 3.630.000 (3.400.000 + 230.000)
  • Performance in Europa League groups: 1,470,000 (630,000 + 630,000 + 210,000)
  • Participation in the playoffs for the round of 16 of the Europa League: 300.000
  • Participation in the Round of 16 of the Europa Conference League: 600.000
  • classification: 3.432.000 (26 X 132.000)
  • Market Pool: Unknown (about 1,000,000)
  • Total: 10.532.000

What money does he expect from the Europa Conference League?

Taking part in the round of 16 would add another 600,000 to Olympiakos' total haul, but he is hoping for even more money.

Attendance at the event's quarterfinals is 1,000,000, the semi-finals are double that and the “OPAP Arena” final is 3,000,000, with the winner receiving a 2,000,000 bonus.

New market pool amounts will be added to this money, but will be smaller than the Europa League amount, while at the end of the season and after all competitions, UEFA redistributes the remaining money, so it will be received there.

Tournament premiums in conference leagues

  • Participation in Round 16: 600.000
  • Participation in quarter finals: 1.000.000
  • Participating in semi-finals: 2.000.000
  • Participation in the finals: 3.000.000
  • Success premium: 2.000.000

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