Catholic Easter: Special Bank Holiday

in days Special Bank Holiday Bank transactions are expected to be affected next due to the Catholic Easter.

More specifically, changes will come into effect in banking transactions From Friday 29th MarchCatholic Good Friday, Until Monday, April 1, It is Catholic Easter Monday.

That means inter-bank transactions will take place after 5.00 pm today Thursday. After six days they are not seenThat is April 3rd. All transactions made within these days will be recorded in the bank on April 2, i.e. the next business day.

According to the e-EFKA notification, the special bank holiday of Catholic Easter will also affect the deadline for payment of insurance contributions and installments. The new payment date is Tuesday, April 2.

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In particular, it extends payment of the following:

  • In the existing insurance contributions of the public sector for the salary period of January 2024,
  • Current Insurance Contributions of Employers of Joint Ventures (Private Sector) and Construction Projects for February 2024 Salary Period,
  • Current insurance contributions and settlement installments of Self Employed, Self-Employed and Farmers contributions for February 2024, as well as settlement installments of land workers paid by Ergomark POGA,
  • Optional continuation of insurance with final payment date of March 29, 2024, insurance contributions for recognition of period of insurance and
  • Installments and arrangements for partial repayment of loans due March 2024.

Banks are open

It is significant Bank branches are open in Greece.

In respect of inter-bank transaction holidays, the same applies Bank of Greececompanies of his group Athens Stock ExchangeCompany Interbank Systems S.A.As well as the following business types:

  • Credit institutions (banks) operating in Greece include Greek credit institutions, deposit and loan funds and branches of foreign credit institutions.
  • Investment services companies.
  • Leasing companies and claims agency companies.
  • Anonymous Fund Management Companies and Anonymous Portfolio Investment Companies.
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