Confusion with Polakis – Gerotsiafa: “The Compassionate Scientist”

Grigoris Gerotsiafas exchanged harsh words with Pavlos Polakis on the occasion of the former deputy health minister’s controversial stance on the withdrawal of AstraZeneca’s vaccine.

Heavy characteristics Exchanged between Pavlos Polakis and Grigoris Gerodziafas during “Contra24” on Thursday night (9/5).

The reason for that Hot oral episode Among Syriza’s former allies was news of the withdrawal of a vaccine against the coronavirus from AstraZeneca. At issue, he was invited to put on the show Grigoris GerotziafasProfessor of Hematology at the Sorbonne University School of Medicine.

During his testimony, Mr. Gerodziafas appeared Especially critical Regarding a particular post by Pavlos Polakis in which he used sharp characterizations both personally and against the government for its handling of the pandemic.

Pavlos Polakis’s post:

“Trying to build an opposition party is a simple thing. Trying to save the health of the people and those scientists and let no one tell us today the free political space or collaborations they had, collaborating with pharmaceutical companies is reprehensible because I remind you of many things that Syriza also did during its reign.”Grigoris Gerotziafas noted, among others, when characterizing “Trump Fascists” Anti-vaccinationists.

And he added: “Facilities that muddy the waters and fish for the fascist, far-right audience using the way and reason they understand, we are not harming Gerodgiafas or Schertsos or Tsiotras, they are harming the credibility and trust of institutions in Greece. Citizens in scientific institutions”.

Pavlos Polakis’ reaction was immediate Mr. who interrupted the broadcast on the phone. In Gerodziafas’ report.

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From the very first conversations, he characterized the professor’s position as one and spoke to him in a high tone. “Indescribable chaos”.

“I can’t hear her Inexplicable confusion And A gracious place Mr. Gerodziafas After three years of epidemic, 37,000 people have died in our country, which puts us first among all the countries of Western Europe in the hard index of the epidemic, deaths per million population. 3,671 deaths per million population.

With this decision, all those who were proud of our country will have to find a hole to hide. I am not talking only about the Mitsotakis government, with the only weapon that is the vaccine, without the ICU, without the drugs that I have been calling them since November 20, which has led to this conclusion.

And it’s not just them. They are all lampooners and non-questioners of the Mitsotakis government’s epidemiologic policy, and are loyal and funded by pharmaceutical scientists in quotations.

Hasn’t everything I’ve been saying for the last three years turned out to be true? Like I said, why vaccinate everyone, not just vulnerable groups? Who was scientifically and politically foolish enough to say that vaccinating the young would be in solidarity with the older generation? Part of SYRIZA, Iliopoulos and others”Mr. Polakis said.

Following his intervention, he met Mr. Addressed himself in the name of Gerotsiafa, among others His lab at the Sorbonne is funded by PfizerHe openly accused that Helps interests.

“If you watch Mr. Gerotziafas on your channel, he has a show on December, January 20-21 where he said exactly what I said, which is to build an ICU and use it to get a strong primary. Monoclonal antibodies.

Then they argued with him, Mr. Gerodziafas ignored him because his lab at the Sorbonne was funded by Pfizer. They openly threatened to stop his funding And made it the only weapon of vaccination and called us Trump Fascists to rally non-vaccinators.

All of them I play as professors and how they became professors, what they carried on their backs, in which labs they developed what they became after the 4th year in Thessaloniki. Just because we’re a small country and we all know each other, don’t make it personal.

Before ending his intervention and leaving the show in a deafening tone, Pavlos Polakis, Mr. He questioned the scientific but also the political validity of Gerodziafas.

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“I will not tolerate anyone who is not apolitical to come as a scientist, don’t make any other heavy talk, play it to us as a big leftist, and tell us to mount those who have expressed clear doubts. It has been proven in practice.

Do Xanthos and some others have the guts to come out and call us Trumpian Fascists to the Gerodziafas who sold seaweed for silk tapes? Active member of Pfizer. Because we put up with a lot. You can’t tell it’s something because of the zeros. If you will, we will have a life-long confrontation with pathetic pseudo-scientists.”

Watch the full episode:

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