Manchester United 4-3: Legendary breakthrough with two goals from Palmer at 90+10' and 90+11'

In a match of promotion football and the Premier League, Chelsea won 4-3 at Manchester United.

Unbelievable and yet true, Chelsea and Manchester United traveled from heaven to hell in a matter of minutes, engaging in one of the most thrilling games in Premier League history.

The Blues went 2-0 up after the first 20 minutes thanks to goals from Gallagher and Palmer (penalty), before the Red Devils equalized before half-time through Carnazzo and Fernandez and the Argentines were late in the 67th minute. A complete reversal has never happened before on the island.

That's because the home side won a penalty in the 90+7' (taken down by Maduke Dalot) and converted it in the 90+10' with Palmer, the English midfielder not satisfied with the draw, signing the 4th. 90+11' at 3 on a breakaway, a shot inside the area where the ball hits McTominay's body.


Both Chelsea and Manchester United have had a poor season that contradicts their powerful position and lofty ambitions, but in the first half they have both contributed to football's competitive promotion with a total of 24 finals (11-13, 4-). 4 at home) and finding both from two targets.

The first 20 minutes belonged entirely to Mauricio Pochettino's side, who opened the scoring after just 3' 38'' with a Gallagher shot and a well-placed Palmer penalty to make it 2-0, with Eric den Hoech's total not flying the white towel. And bring the match to a complete draw before the end of the first 40 minutes.

In fact it took just five minutes, with Carnasso making it 2-1 in the 34th minute with a cool spot-kick and Bruno Fernandes making it 2-2 with a superb header from the height of Dalot's cross.

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Both teams went on the offensive in the first quarter of the second half and missed both chances, only for the first reversal to come in the 67th minute when Anthony headed in a great cross and Karnazo made it 3-2 to the Red Head Devils. .

Until the 90th minute, the Blues could not get a single point, showing signs of desperation, as well as in the first minutes of stoppage time (the referee showed eight), but then came a phase to bring things together. Up and down.

Dalot beat Maduke in 90+7' to lead Chelsea to a whitewash, Palmer made it 3-3 in 90+10' with 8 goals in the Premier League with the most penalties (closer to Yaya Toure's all-time record. 11 of 11 from the white bullet), a Minutes later it was a dream finale for Londoners and a nightmare for visitors.

After a corner, the ball reached Palmer, who shot inside a wide area from the right, the black and white ball finding Devi McTominay's body and doing him a favor by deflecting it. Onana's goal spelled the final 4-3 with a cinematic finale.

  • Chelsea: Petrovic, Gusteau (75' Gilchrist), D'Sassi (75' Saloba), Badiasil, Koukoreja, Keisedo (71' Tsukumega), Fernandez, Palmer, Gallagher (89' Maduke), Mudric (71' Sterling), Jackson
  • Manchester United: Onana, Van-Pissaka, Varane (46' Evans (66' Gabuala), Maguire, Dalot, Casemiro (75' McTominay), Mainu, Anthony, Fernandez, Carnasso (86' Mount), Hoyland (66' Rashford)

Results of the 31st Match

  • Newcastle – Everton 1-1 (15' Isaac / 88' Calvert-Lewin)
  • Nottingham – Fulham 3-1 (9' Hudson-Ondoi, 19' Wood, 45+3' Gibbs-White / 49' Antarabio)
  • Burnley – Wolves 1-1 (37' Larsson / 45+3' Nouri)
  • Bournemouth – Crystal Palace 1-0 (79' Kluivert)
  • West Ham – Tottenham 1-1 (19' Zouma / 5' Johnson)
  • Brentford – Brighton 0-0
  • Arsenal – Luton 2-0 (24' Edgard, 44' Auto Hashioka)
  • Manchester City – Aston Villa 4-1 (11' Rodri, 45+1', 62', 69' Foden / 20' Duran)
  • Liverpool – Sheffield United 3-1 (17' Nunes, 76' Megalister, 90' Hagbo / 58' Auto. Bradley)
  • Chelsea – Manchester United 4-3 (4' Gallagher, 19' Pen. 90+10' Pen. 90+11' Palmer / 34' 67' Carnasso, 39' Fernandez)
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32nd match day programme

  • 6/4 14:30 Crystal Palace – Manchester City
  • 6/4 17:00 Aston Villa – Brentford
  • 6/4 17:00 Everton – Burnley
  • 6/4 17:00 Fulham – Newcastle
  • 6/4 17:00 Luton – Bournemouth
  • 6/4 17:00 Wolves – West Ham
  • 6/4 19:30 Brighton – Arsenal
  • 7/4 17:30 Manchester United – Liverpool
  • 7/4 19:30 Sheffield United – Chelsea
  • 7/4 20:00 Tottenham – Nottingham

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