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Rapid developments in the case of the murder of a doctor by profession and father of three minor children by his father-in-law St. Barbara.'s photos and videos from the crime scene.

A case of murder of a doctor by profession and father of three minor children by his father-in-law. St. Barbara, Saturday night (24/02). The victim was found in the yard of his house with a fatal gunshot wound.

Photo report: Haris Gigas

Prior to the shooting, the two reportedly got into a fight.

Father-in-law's first words: “I thought my daughter was being abused”

At this time, both O Accused criminal And father-in-law of Affectedas well as son, who called a police officer and authorities. speaks Security her Greek police About the sad incident, the father-in-law told, “I thought my daughter was not having a good time and she was being abused.”

“If something like that happens, I know it,” says the father-in-law's son

The son of bearer As a criminal, among other things, the victim asserted to the authorities the allegation of abusing her sister.If was going on Something like that, I know that».

“They were a good family, I don't know what happened,” says a family friend

“We didn't hear anything (about fights). We didn't hear (shots), other people called us and came to see what happened. I knew them and we were great people. That was it. Very nice family. And his wife (ss victim) is a doctor, I think a biologist. She also helped him in the doctor's office.

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They argued about something (S.S. reached this point). They are all very nice people. We fell from the clouds. We asked the police if we had taken him and they told us that he is still here and waiting for his wife to come,” said a person close to the family.

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