Dimitris Giannakopoulos celebrates with his kids on the 7th and throws a punch at Olympiakos

The Panathinayakas Defeated Real Madrid 95-80 and became the ultimate boss in their final match EuroleagueWon the trophy for 2024 and are now European champions.

“Green” KAE’s strongest man, Dimitris GianakopoulosBeside his team in Berlin and watched his team’s… battle from a “breathless” distance.

In fact, after the match and the award, he raised the trophy with his son showing the 7 the team won with his daughter.


After the end of the game and the seventh Euroleague victory, Dimitris Gianakopoulos, the owner of “Greens” spoke to Nova, and emphasized meaningfully: “Others count streak wins, shots, participation in the final four, we are Panathinaikos! The cup is not dedicated anywhere, it belongs to the team. The stress during the match was high, Real “We’re the biggest club in Europe. We pulled out all the stops! We’re celebrating today! Let’s think about it after the final.”



In fact, EuroLeague uploaded a video of the moment Dimitris Giannakopoulos realized Panathinaikos had won the title and captioned it “The moment you feel you’ve got the 7th star”.

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