Eiffel Tower locked down for fourth day

Paris tourists and residents are unable to visit the city's trademark Eiffel Tower due to a prolonged strike by its workers.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris has been closed for a fourth day due to a strike by workers at its management company (Sete). Workers at Paris' most famous landmark are protesting their employer's financial management of the monument.

A dispute between management and unions has already led to the closure of the “Iron Lady” (as the tower is called) on December 27, the 100th anniversary of the engineer who built Paris' iconic monument, five months before the winter school holidays and the Olympic Games (July 26 – August 11) in France. Conducted by Capital.

The day before yesterday, Tuesday (20.02.2024), negotiations came to a sudden halt after the two unions' request to have an intervenor at the town hall of Sade's majority shareholder (99%) was not heard.

Representatives of around 360 workers in Pyrgos are asking for access to a revision of the public service contract, which runs until 2030, as their main grievance.

The amendment, which calls for a 20% increase in ticket prices, must be approved by Paris council in May.

The two points of contention were the consideration paid to the town hall and the budget for the remainder of the contract.

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