European elections 2024: Haritzis, the place in Brussels and the centre-left

Perhaps the New Left, as a party of a few months, is too “new” to be judged by its first attempt to penetrate the country’s political repertoire. This happens in European elections for many reasons, good or bad.

Its existence as a policy-making body cannot be fully questioned. As its parliamentary group is currently sixth in number it will remain and have a “voice”. Except that the outcome of the ballot box next Monday, June 10, will shape the form it takes. It was accepted by almost everyone and accepted as a script.

Commitment to the center-left agenda

The New Left, with its seasoned executives, executives with four years in government from 2015-19, and based on a section of society, is reasonably engaged in the day-to-day scenes that are dawning on the center-left. The afternoon of February 13 at the Alfa Theater was represented by “Vice President” Efi Ahtsioglou, his main role.

Alexis Horitzis said in a cross-channel interview last Sunday that it was no coincidence that “we are interested in trying to create synergies.”

He did not answer the question about the “agreement with PaSoK” and laughed, but before the elections, the leader of KO is justified in keeping his distance from the leaders of the parties fighting for the primaries. of space. Although he noted that “PaSoK’s leadership is part of the problem, just like SYRIZA’s leadership,” he did not deny the need to develop “a radical political program from a leftist and progressive perspective.” “Defeating the Right”.

And if “a debate trying to find a messiah who defeats Mitsotakis would be unfair to us,” as he further emphasized in a discussion with journalists, the debate on how to do that includes the New Left.

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The percentage of European elections defines its position

The place he occupies at the negotiating table largely depends on the percentage of the coming Sunday. Al. Haritzis did not rule out the “surprise of the European elections is the New Left”. This is a very optimistic scenario. Of course, he must have faith, because no battle is lost before it is fought.

However, from the polling readings, it appears that the New Left is moving absolutely to the limit, whatever the statistical error with its percentages. The most recent poll for Action24 showed him at 2.7% (vote rating). In the predecessors of many other companies (Metron Analysis, MARC, Alco) the average varies between – +/- 2% and +/- 4%. The range blurs the landscape.

3% bar

Since 3% does not necessarily guarantee a seat in the European Parliament, the New Left is chasing something higher. That’s what its key executives had in mind when they spoke to Insurance about the expected target of moving to the 3.5% range 40 days ago, during the presentation of the European ballot. Otherwise, it makes no sense to appoint first-class administrators (Kouloglou, Sakellaritis, Statakis, Phillis, etc.) who attract various votes, if the new party comes down for participation and “coolness”. Regions – Mainly large urban centers.

This is the percentage that allows the new left to function as a key cell in the enzymes that begin to be born not in the center, but in the center-left space fearfully. These could have the European Parliament as a starting point. In other words, away from the suspicious eyes of third parties, but not conspiracy.

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Speaking at Mega on Monday, candidate Gavriel Sakellaridis made no secret that his election as an MEP would strengthen the New Left in its efforts to bring together “socially useful and politically dynamic” forces. Essentially forces leading to “a united and progressive front”. According to him, “the only way to end the hegemony of the right – the extreme right”.

Bad script and old guys

The stages leading to this stage are many and each is equally important. Since the mood for a broad consensus had crystallized in the minds of the majority, fortresses had to be broken down to establish coalitions from then on. The positions, the program and the central figure will affect the developments in some way.

A party’s strength in European elections will influence AL’s results. A grace that cannot be caught anywhere. The measurements of the same companies show that he is very low in popularity, which is not ignored.

If the New Left can’t get on the plane to Brussels, it won’t stop maintaining its confrontational attitude inside and outside parliament. Freedom Sailing did the same with less than 100,000 votes in the 2019 double ballot (European elections, national), but then contested the 2023 election victory.

However, at the same time, it will not be easy for her to regulate discussions. They will continue to blame the electorate’s disapproval because they have “changed” at a time when “daddy” Syriza seems to have kept his forces intact after the autumn’s double split and February’s tense congress.

Of course in this version, after the summer, since SYRIZA is rated as a completely different party, do not rule out the possibility that the remaining forces of the center-left will consolidate and collapse. Other administrators too. Officially irrelevant administrators in Koumoundourou, they will choke on what Stephanos Kasselakis thinks the next day in the political arena.

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And since he declared himself the official opposition in his announced “merger”, it seems impossible for them to co-exist.

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